General Liability
Fresno, CA

Commercial Auto

Protects vehicles from collision damage and includes liability for bodily injury and property damage.

Commercial Liability

  • Accidents causing bodily injury to other people (a customer trips and falls in your shop)
  • Accidents causing property damage to other people's property (you sell a toaster to a customer which malfunctions and causes fire damage to their home)
  • Personal injury such as invasion of privacy, wrongful eviction, libel, slander, or false arrest or advertising injury such as copyright infringement or false advertising

Commercial Umbrella

This coverage takes over on large claims when your regular business insurance limits have been used up providing an extra layer of business liability coverage against catastrophic loss.

Employment Practices Liability

Over the last few years, the number of employee complaints pertaining to discrimination, harassment and wrongful termination has increased dramatically. Even organizations with unbroken record of spotless management behavior are vulnerable to expensive lawsuits. This coverage insures against such legal judgments.

Errors and Omissions (or Failure to Disclose)

This endorsement states that coverage will not be affected if the insured unintentionally fails to disclose existing hazards or unintentionally makes an error or omission.

Pollution Liability

Pays up to $100,000 for losses that result from accidental release of pollutants that are brought by you to a job site.

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