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A Complete Solution for Warehouses, Logistics & Transportation

Our program for warehouses, logistics and transportation exposures is a complete package that addresses the real issues and risks facing today's third party warehouses, trucking, and logistics providers.

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You need a professional who is familiar with your unique risks to ensure your risk management strategy meets your needs. Our team has the knowledge and experience to insure your operations and help protect you from exposures, such as:

  • Loss resulting from infestation
  • Voluntary parting due to trick or device
  • Contamination
  • Loss of goods for which no warehouse receipt has been issued
  • Fourth party warehouse arrangements
  • Unlimited legal defense outside of policy limits
  • Change of temperature or loss of refrigeration

Many companies in this industry have encountered these losses, some claims of which have exceeded a million dollars. We can provide the coverage for these types of losses.

We are proud to be nationally endorsed by the International Warehouse Logistics Association.

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Mike Cunningham

Mike Cunningham
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