Scrap Risk Insurance

Helping businesses mitigate risk

We focus on helping recyclers, waste haulers, landfills, and MRFs with their unique and complex risks.

What do we offer?

We do not offer “off-the-shelf” insurance products and risk solutions to the waste industry. We have spent the last decade listening to the needs of the industry and carefully crafting solutions specific to companies in the waste stream. Working with waste companies is all we do, through this unique approach we have been able to establish great relationships with insurance companies we can leverage for our clients. We work with insurance companies that understand and target the waste industry just like we do. This way, we can offer products and services specifically designed with the waste stream in mind. We offer risk and safety services, we don’t simply market insurance. We work year around on worker safety, fleet safety, growth strategies and partnerships for our clients.

How do we provide our service?

Knowing the industry and our client’s needs means we get it right the first time. Contractual requirements, industry certifications/audits and new ventures do not automatically mean more costs in the risk program for our clients. We are determined to understand what is needed from the beginning. We set a service schedule, so there is a timeline for objective and accountability. Our safety and training programs are specific to the waste industry and completely automated. We have in-house resources that can guide safety programs, conduct property inspections, monitor claims and automate a number of processes. This means our clients can truly place their insurance needs with a carrier that makes sense based on price and coverage; we provide the resources.

Why the waste industry?

Nearly ten years ago when we set out on this idea, we realized that our approach was different. Our clients began to tell us that what we were providing they had not seen from anyone else. It seemed no other portion of the insurance industry had taken a good hard look at the needs of the waste industry. We were determined to change that. Today, we have relationships with insurance companies that allow us to offer products and services that are exclusive to our office. Our bi-lingual service staff understands specifically what it means to service the waste industry well.

We have been successful because we know the waste business. We know the needs of a Recycler are different from that of a MRF. We can accurately speak to underwriters and service providers about the risks our clients face. Our clients, in turn, get specifically designed solutions that work. We leverage our national presence and our reputation in both the waste and insurance industries to make sure our clients get the most value for their time and money.