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Worksite Wellness

Research shows that individuals who actively manage their health are more productive, have fewer absences from work and have lower health care spend.

A successful wellness program will

  • encourage healthier lifestyles
  • reduce employer health care spending
  • increase workforce productivity

BB&H collaborates with employers, the community and vendors at-large to provide a wide range of resources, programs, and support to assist with worksite wellness initiatives. Wellness is a customizable objective, and in addition to achieving physical health can include the emotional well-being and financial wellness goals. BB&H can help design a proactive and strategic approach to meet your company goals.

Through our experience, we have found the success of the wellness campaign depends on the communication and support of the management team.


We offer the following worksite wellness services:

  • Identification of your group’s specific health challenges
  • Help form and guide a wellness committee
  • Find the ideal wellness option for your group
  • Health self-management programs
  • Coordination of carrier programs and resources
  • Negotiation of fee subsidies
  • Employer workshops
  • Workplace evaluations
  • Employee interest surveys
  • Event support (including health fairs)
  • Planning and coordination of biometrics
  • Health education materials, tips and newsletters