Industries Overview

Understanding Unique Risks

No two companies are exactly alike. Your industry, your organization, and even segments within your business have their own unique characteristics and needs. That is why you deserve an advisor who will bring you more than just insurance products—you need customized risk management strategies. Our solutions are driven by listening to you and finding answers to your problems.

Industry Programs

SeptiCover Logo

Lincoln-Leavitt Insurance Agency, Inc., has entered into a proprietary arrangement with Alteris Inc., to market the Septicover insurance product. SeptiCover is a national, single-source insurance solution for septic contractors and portable sanitation companies. Our package portfolio includes general liability, automobile, property, inland marine, and crime. Pollution clean-up and workers' compensation coverage are also available. SeptiCover's competitive success is based on a compilation of coverage breadth, niche-specific pricing, and proprietary claims handling.
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SNP Winery Plus Logo

Lincoln-Leavitt Insurance Agency, Inc., has entered into a proprietary arrangement with Alteris Inc., to market the WineryPlus insurance product. SNP WineryPlus offers expansive coverage to bonded wineries, virtual wineries, vineyard estates, and custom crush facilities. Our program originated in 2006 as Napa Insurance Services, LLC. From these beginnings, SNP WineryPlus has advanced to over three-hundred fifty (350) wine-related entities. Our competitive success is underscored by strong broker relationships and the blending of marketplace scale with competitiveness, sustainability, and functional winery knowledge.
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Business Knowledge & Experience

When we asked our clients why they choose to work with us, our experience and knowledge of their business was one of the top responses.* Industry-focused teams and individuals within Leavitt Group seek to deeply understand all aspects of the industry in which they focus, network continually, engage in industry conferences and events, and read the same periodicals as you. Putting this experience to work affords you with innovative and leading insight relative to serving your distinct and ever-changing business needs.

Our insurance advisors have effectively managed risk across multiple industries. We have included here some key areas of focus to give you an idea of our breadth of experience. We invite you to contact us so we can listen to your specific needs and then, with you, develop a plan that will mitigate your risks, yield excellent terms and conditions, and help you succeed.

*As reported by clients through client surveys taken in February of 2012.