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Why Choose Leavitt Recreation and Hospitality?

At Leavitt Recreation and Hospitality, we specialize in firearm-specific insurance, ensuring that your firearms related business is adequately protected. Our experienced insurance agents are well-versed in the intricacies of the industry, and we're committed to providing you with our expertise.

Work with insurance agents who understand the challenges and risks associated with firearms related businesses. Owning a firearms related business involves inherent risks due to the nature of your products. From potential theft and break-ins to accidents and legal liabilities, comprehending the risks your business faces is the first step. By identifying these risks, we can tailor your insurance coverage to adequately protect your store.

Customized Insurance Coverage

Get insurance plans tailored to your specific business needs, covering everything from inventory to liability.

  1. High-Value Items:If you stock high-value firearms, ensure your policy adequately covers these items.
  2. Firearms in Transit: If you transport firearms to events or other locations, confirm that your policy extends coverage during transit.
  3. Employee Training: Some insurers offer discounts if you can demonstrate comprehensive employee training in safety protocols.

How do you insure a firearms related business?

Not all firearm liability insurance policy looks the same, but across the industry there are coverages that should remain constant. Here are the lists of coverage non-specific agents usually overlook when insuring a gun store.

  • ATF Defense Coverage: There is no doubt that backdoor gun control has shifted to license holders. ATF defensive coverage gives FFL’s the ability to pay for legal counsel in response to an ATF Litigation.
  • Professional Liability: Even as an expert in your business, you may make a mistake. And if the client or customer thinks the mistake impacted them financially, you may be sued. Professional liability insurance, also known as errors and omissions insurance, or professional indemnity insurance in some countries, helps cover you and your company if you are found negligent in the professional services you provided.
  • Personal property of others: Are you a gunsmith with a stack of work orders awaiting completion, a gun shop with consigned firearms or NFA items awaiting approval, or a manufacture with some incidental property you are in passion of? PPO is a coverage that will pay for property of others that you are in care custody or control of.

How much does insurance cost for my firearms related business?

When understanding pricing we must look at a few factors. These will range from your general liability exposure, property coverage, umbrella options, and other ancillary coverages.

General liability

When looking at general liability insurance pricing, we must first understand the why and how this can be worked to lower premium.

Gross sales, Payroll, number of lanes. (If applicable), Property coverage, Limit of insurance, Deductible amounts, and Loss history

Property Coverage

Property coverage is often times the biggest insurance premium driver. With so many floating factors, a discussion on your businesses risk tolerance is key to determining price.

Firearm Inventory Coverage

Firearm Inventory Coverage: Safeguard your valuable firearms and equipment against theft, damage, or loss.

Liability Protection

Liability Protection: Protect your business from potential lawsuits arising from accidents or incidents on your premises.

Employee Coverage

Employee Coverage: Ensure that your employees are covered in case of workplace injuries.

Business Interruption Insurance

Business Interruption Insurance: Receive compensation for lost income during disruptions, helping you get back on your feet quickly.

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Resources from the National shooting sports foundation.