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Matt Hadley Interview

September 21, 2020

Matt Hadley, a commercial insurance producer for Risk Services of Louisiana talks about his experiences as a new producer at Leavitt Group.

Eric Petersen Interview

August 10, 2020

Eric Petersen, agency co-owner of Leavitt Group Ins. Advisors in Salt Lake City, UT discusses his experience with producer hires.

Bob Smith Portrait

Bob Smith on Moving from N.W. to Leavitt Group

June 25, 2020

Bob Smith shares his experience moving his agency from N.W. to Leavitt Group, and discusses what to consider when moving your agency.

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Greg Portrait

Selling during COVID-19

April 20, 2020

Greg Suman, Chief Development Officer takes you through the current state of sales during COVID-19. Gain insights on how to continue to help clients and protect your bottom line.

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Bob Smith

Bob Smith on Commercial Line Growth & Recruitment

March 19, 2020

Learn the steps needed to take your agency to the next level of sales and growth.

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5 tips for finding the best producers for your agency

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