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An overview of our centralized services

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Agency Growth

Talent Search & Development

One successful producer hire today could increase the value of an agency by over $5 million dollars. Recognizing this need, the Talent Search & Development program is focused on finding, selecting, and onboarding high performing sales talent into the Leavitt Group family of agencies.

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    After the hire

    After the hire, our Talent Search & Development team will have an ongoing role during the first year. We will:

    • Provide orientation
    • Coordinate CRM and sales tools training
    • Help set up their 100-day plan and monitor that progress
    • Enroll them in the Vital Signs program
    • Provide clear instructions to the mentors as to their expectations
    • Keep in regular contact with the producer and make sure they are receiving the appropriate tools necessary to succeed
    • Stay in contact with co-owners and agency partners as to the progress of the producer, and identify any potential concerns during that first year
Rylee Kruger

Rylee Kruger

Director of Sales Talent Acquisition


We'll help you to continue to grow your agency by acquiring additional books of business in your area.

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    Growth through acquisition

    You know that growth brings vitality and life to a business, which attracts customers and capable colleagues. We assist you in finding and acquiring other books of business to increase profit. Together we will increase your opportunities, stability, survival, and capacity to serve your clients.

Kevin Callister

Kevin Callister

Chief Affiliation Officer

Sales Force Development

Our team helps producers increase sales, retain clients, and account for their time. Some of the development options we offer include value-based selling, niche focus, service timeline, team selling, producer school, sales contests, and more.

  • More about Sales Force Development
    • Activity Planner
    • 80/20 Reports
    • Accountability / Draw Management Reporting
    • Value Based Selling / Sales Skills
    • Niche Focus / Practice Group Development
    • Service Timeline
    • Team Selling
    • Producer School
    • Sales Contests
    Tools & Resources
    • Leavitt Risk Management Center
    • ModMaster
    • CRM
    • Resource Center
    Programs & Practice Groups
    • Develop and oversee open and exclusive programs
    • Coordinate practice group resources, markets, and participants
Greg Suman

Greg Suman

Chief Development Officer


In the fast-paced world of marketing, we're here to help you navigate the many channels of communication. We strive to create trust with your clients, creating long lasting loyalty. Ultimately, we want your clients to become "brand ambassadors" for you, resulting in referral driven leads. We consult with agencies to develop their marketing strategy and tactics and guide them to create a plan that fits their unique needs and budget.

  • More about marketing

    Our key services are brand management, marketing automation, graphic design, web design, video, content marketing, social media, and search engine optimization (SEO). We also offer off-the-shelf marketing materials and supplies: proposal templates, flyers, newsletters, stationery ordering, and promotional items.

    Design and marketing services are available to all agencies:
    • Press release creation and distribution.* Access to PR newswire distribution can be provided at cost.
    • Leavitt Group branding updates, stationery design, and signage design.*
    • Use of corporate social media content, client newsletters, off-the-shelf email campaigns (when setup on Eloqua), corporate blog content and related articles, and other resources created for the group.*
    • Search engine optimization (SEO), such as verifying and managing Google listings, social profiles, content creation, etc.*
    • Web services, including a standard agency website, hosting, and maintenance.*
    • Marketing automation through Eloqua. This tool manages email marketing campaigns. It also tracks the digital behavior of customers and prospects, including how they are interacting with our emails and webpages. License and setup cost extra.
    • Custom design and marketing projects. This may include video production, graphic or web design services, marketing campaign development, custom content development, or any related media or marketing service. Custom projects are billed as a la carte services.

    *No additional fee for this service unless above-average customization is needed.

Melanie Johnson

Melanie Johnson

Chief Marketing Officer

Daily Operations

Business & Legal Consulting

The legal department provides legal services, counseling, and advice to agencies affiliated with Leavitt Group.

  • More about legal consulting
    Examples of the types of legal services provided include the following:
    • Preparation and filing of agency organizational documents and annual renewals of such filings.
    • Review and analysis of agency and broker agreements.
    • Drafting of employment agreements for all licensed personnel of an agency.
    • Drafting of acquisition agreements.
    • Assistance with errors and omissions claims or actions.
    • Assistance with employer practices claims or actions.
    • Assistance with responding to document production subpoenas.
    • Assistance with employee terminations.
    • Assistance with enforcing non-solicitation covenants against former employees.
    • Supervision of agency-related litigation.

Human Resources

The human resources department provides services to affiliated agencies through its centralized facilities, including benefit services, employee relations, and legal compliance.

  • More about HR
    Benefit Services
    • Health and Welfare Benefits
    • Retirement Planning Education
    • FMLA Recordkeeping
    • Online Open Enrollment and
    • Benefit Administration
    Employee Relations
    • Coaching and Counseling
    • Performance Evaluations
    • Progressive Discipline
    • Alternative Dispute Resolution
    Legal Compliance
    • I-9
    • Employment Applications
    • State and Federal Posting Requirements
    • EE0-1 Reporting
    • Employee Handbook
    • Job Classifications – Exempt/Non-exempt
    • ADA Compliant Job Descriptions
    • Interviewing Questions
    • Termination Assistance
    • Exit Interviews

Information Technology, Agency Management Systems, and Software Support

The information technology (IT) department provides support to Leavitt Group agencies to ensure the success of computer operations and other information technologies.

  • More about IT
    IT Services Provided
    • IT Strategy
    • Equipment Purchasing
    • End-User Support
    • Phone System Installation and Maintenance
    • Data Line Purchasing and Support
    • Core Data Center Operations (Server Maintenance, Data Replication, Backups, etc.)
    • End-User Security and Training
    • Network Security and Maintenance
    • Password Management
Scott Hannagan

Scott Hannagan

Chief Information Officer

Small Business and Personal Lines Service Center

The small business and personal lines service center makes it profitable for our partners to do business in the small commercial and personal lines insurance arena through our commitment to adding value as professional customer service and sales leaders.

  • More about the service center
    Service Center
    • Account rounding, cross-selling, up-selling, optional coverage offerings, and coverage counseling
    • Roll-over and servicing of acquired small business books
    • Renewal reviews and presentations
    • Policy service (endorsements, changes, certificates)
    • Agency-dedicated “smart” toll-free number
    • Warm transfer capability
    • A to Z new business production
    • Agency produced Leavitt Group Central (LGC) quoted new business
    • Outbound sales with carrier “hot” lists
    • Profitably handle your small commercial and personal lines business
    • Free up producers and CSRs to focus on writing and retaining larger accounts
    • Increase contingencies by writing business with focus carriers
    • Profitably acquire new small commercial and personal lines books of business
    • Flexibility with agency resources
    • Carrier commission rates and contingency agreements will remain as they currently are for your agency
Jared Whittaker

Jared Whittaker

Senior VP, Retail Services


Leavitt Group Accounting Center (LGAC) offers affiliates a high quality, cost effective option to performing day-to-day accounting in-house, allowing the agency to focus on revenue-enhancing, core business activities.

  • More about accounting
    Benefits of using the Leavitt Group Accounting Center
    • Avoid disruptions from unexpected absences and turnover.
    • Allow key staff members to focus on sales and service.
    • Eliminate expenses incurred with hiring and training.
    • Teams trained in AMS360 and ready for affiliation conversions.
    • Insurance-knowledgeable accountants.
    • Agency maintains control.
    • Timely input of accounting data.
    • Reduce exposure to fraud and dishonesty.
    • Electronic accounting documents available to agency manager via
    • Customized, flexible services.
Lisa King

Lisa King

Senior VP, Accounting Center

Agency Operations Team

Leavitt Group appoints an agency partner leader (APL) and agency partner (AP) to each agency. The APL and AP work with their assigned agencies to build an entity which is fiscally sound, growing, worthy of respect, and a great place to work.

  • More about agency operations
    Some of the support functions the AP team provides include the following:
    • Alignment with Leavitt Group cultural and governing principles.
    • Administration of Leavitt Group / Managing Governing Committee policies.
    • Strategic planning.
    • Operational planning.
    • Manage financial performance by assisting with budgets, forecasts, HR compliance, and compensation and bonus plans.
    • Work with Sales Force Development and co-owners to develop a producer recruiting plan for applicable agencies.
    • Agency perpetuation planning and assistance.
    • Assist the Affiliation Team with acquisitions and agency implementation.
Lisa King

Caylor Dalley

Sr Executive VP - Operations

Data Management


We work closely with other Leavitt Group departments and our management system vendors to make sure steps are in place for a smooth transition from one system to another.


We provide setup and integration solutions between carriers and our agencies regarding TransactNow, policy and accounting statement “Download,” Real-Time, DocuSign, ReferenceConnect, etc.

Workflow & Documentation

Agency management system workflows and documentation are designed to help newly hired and seasoned agency staff.

Training & Development

Multiple options to ensure your agency’s staff is trained and knowledgeable with AMS 360 & BenefitPoint. Recordings are available, along with documentation, online group classes, and one-on-one training when necessary.

Management System Setups

Our team enters system setups for new employees, producer commissions, carriers, vendors, licensed agent signatures, proposals, schedules, etc.


Retrieval of system data for specialized reports, agency financial summaries, producer production, and projection reports. We also create fillable PDF documents that are available to the agencies.

Data Integrity — Scrubbing/Cleanup

Audit agencies for accurate data being entered, clean data, and train agency staff on correct procedures and efficiencies.

AMS 360 & BenefitPoint Troubleshooting/Support

We focus on resolving issues in a prompt manner.

Other Services

We use Producer Plus to streamline our internal processes. We have on-going projects to ensure NAICS codes are entered into AMS 360. We also provide monthly training tips through our users’ group forum.

Allegiance Premium Finance Company

Allegiance Premium Finance provides commercial customers of insurance agencies the opportunity to finance their insurance premiums. This financing allows the customer to spread the expense of insurance premiums over time so that such expense may be funded out of its operating income.

Jocelyn Barnes

Jocelyn Barnes

President, APFC

Carrier Management

Agency Programs and Placement Services

Agency Programs and Placement Services (APPS) is Leavitt Group’s commercial lines placement facility. APPS allows Leavitt Group agencies to leverage group-wide carrier relationships, enhanced market access, and other products they would not otherwise have. The additional resources of APPS give Leavitt Group agencies a competitive edge with new business opportunities and account retention.

  • More about APPS
    • APPS brokers have over 25 years average industry experience, insuring the professional handling of your accounts
    • Marketing services include rate, quote, bind, and issue; market intel; coverage analysis; and negotiating the right coverage, price, terms, and conditions
    • Proactive, professional servicing of your accounts using best practices service and response model
    • Book rolls: agencies that place enough business through the APPS carriers may have the opportunity to receive a direct appointment subject to carrier requirements. Likewise, agencies that lose a carrier contract, may retain their book of business and have the opportunity to roll business through APPS
    • P&C and workers compensation products available with over 50 regional and national A rated carriers
    • Many products available for property, casualty, auto, workers compensation, umbrella, excess, executive lines, environmental, difference in conditions, and hard to place surplus lines
    • Binding authority with higher commissions than open brokerage available with several carriers and programs
    • Practice placement units with industry expertise and specialty carrier contracts for workers compensation, farm and agriculture, bar and tavern, financial institutions, and small business
    • Licensed for P&C and surplus lines in all 50 states to insure the placement opportunity for risks that fall outside the agency authority and territory
Becky Enriquez

Becky Enriquez

Vice President, APPS

Insurer Relations Council

Standard Markets
  • Develop and maintain business relationships at the home office, regional, and branch levels with insurance carriers.
  • Negotiate optimal commission levels and profit sharing agreement terms.
  • Assist in resolution of claims and underwriting problems.
  • Market solvency and security.
  • Establish relationships with leading national and regional wholesale organizations.
  • Negotiate, collect, and disburse enhanced commission revenues to eligible agencies.


PacWest Program Features
  • A Leavitt Group agency workers compensation program in connection with Great American Insurance Group.
  • Multi-state capabilities designed to address the needs of our clients. Focusing on businesses located in AZ, CA, CO, ID, MT, NM, NV, OR, SD, GA, and UT.
  • Our clients who qualify for this exclusive program will be backed by Great American Insurance Group’s tradition of financial stability and high quality. Great American Insurance Company, lead insurer of Great American Insurance Group, has been rated “A” (Excellent) or better by A.M. Best for over 100 years (as of February 22, 2013).
  • Experienced and responsive claims management services provided by Athens Administrators.
  • Claims adjuster case loads are kept lower than industry average to allow for a more “hands-on” and proactive approach.
  • Loss prevention services provided by the Great American loss prevention team.
  • Our clients receive top-quality service because Leavitt Group acts as the program manager with oversight of the underwriting process.
  • Our tailored arrangement with Great American provides our agencies with the opportunity to demonstrate a strong commitment to their clients.