Key Leaders Supporting CUSO Insurance Services

Dennis Freire Portrait

Dennis Freire
President, LeavittLink

(435) 418-0914 · cell
(435) 865-4035 · office

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Melanie Johnson Portrait

Melanie Johnson
Chief Marketing Officer, LeavittLink & Leavitt Group

(435) 586-6553 · office

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Eric Leavitt Portrait

Eric Leavitt

CEO & Chairman, Leavitt Group Enterprises

Joe Callister Portrait

Joe Callister

Chief Operating Officer, Leavitt Group Enterprises

David Broadbent Portrait

David Broadbent

Executive Vice President, Leavitt Group Enterprises

Jared Whittaker Portrait

Jared Whittaker

Senior Vice President, Leavitt Group Central

Crystal Nielson Portrait

Crystal Nielson

VP Personal Lines, Leavitt Group Central

Brandon Jones Portrait

Brandon Jones

VP of Sales, Digital Sales Central

Scott Hannagan Portrait

Scott Hannagan

Chief Information Officer

Mike Plumb Portrait

Mike Plumb

President, Leavitt Software Solutions

Leavitt Group at a Glance

United States Map

$3+ Billion
In placed premiums

$448 Million
In consolidated revenue

Largest insurance brokerage*

Office locations

States and counting

*According to Insurance Journal, August 2023 issue.

Our Guiding Principles

  • Dixie and Anne Leavitt

    Dixie and Anne Leavitt, Founders of Leavitt Group Enterprises

    Be honest and operate with integrity

    Leavitt Group representatives are expected to think, speak, and act with a long-term view, and to swiftly correct instances where they fall short of this commitment.

  • Daniel Steel and Tom Sokol

    Daniel Steel and Tom Sokol, Co-Owners of First Independent Agency

    Serve Stakeholders

    Leavitt Group is privileged to touch the lives of many, including our shareholders: agency partners, employees, clients, insurers, suppliers, and lenders.

  • Aaron Cottle and Gary Archibald

    Aaron Cottle and Gary Archibald, Co-Owners of Archibald Insurance Agency

    Align Interests

    The first question Leavitt Group representatives ask in considering an acquisition is: how would each party to this transaction be served by the deal? As our friend R. Royal (Bob) King was wont to say: “If you float together in the same boat, neither is apt to shoot it full of holes.”


  • Sam Carrick and Aline France

    Sam Carrick and Aline France, Co-Owners of Wasatch Leavitt Insurance Agency

    Grow Profitably

    Growth brings vitality and life to a business, which attracts customers and capable colleagues. Profit brings opportunity, stability, survival, and capacity to serve.

  • 2021 Leavitt Group Producer School

    2021 Leavitt Group Producer School


    Change is inevitable and requires a business to wisely adapt. Leavitt Group's leaders are aware, curious, humble, nimble, responsive, and patient. In-progress adaptations include applying technology advancements, supercharging our acquisition engine, and stregthening organic growth efforts.

  • Leavitt Group Employees Enjoying Lunch

    Leavitt Group employees at a company event


    We should contribute to the happiness of those engaged by fostering productivity, good health, acomplishment, belonging, service, and the provision of material means towards a harmonious balance in life.

  • Kim and David McDonald

    Risk Services of Louisiana Team

    Communicate with Reason and Civility

    All engaged at Leavitt Group are expected to communicate in ways which are honest, effective, kind, and free from anger or malic. Acknowledgement of shortcomings and sincere apologies are part of effective communications.

Principles of Partnership

Ownership makes good partners better. When we both bear ownership risks and opportunities, we work hard to increase revenues, control expenses, increase profits, and enhance long-term equity growth.

Women shaking hands

Long-term success happens with a collaborative partnership.

We work together to ensure the CUSO successfully works within the credit union’s ecosystem.

Insurance agency CUSOs are jointly owned by Leavitt Group and the credit union, thus both share in the risks and returns of the agency.

Ownership makes good partners better—from higher profitability, to effective client service, to appropriate risk selection and management.

Integrity exists at all levels of the partnership.

We believe in honesty, civility, open communication, and hard work.

Leavitt Group maintains a controlling interest in agencies in which it invests.

Leavitt Group was founded on a 60/40 ownership model. Our credit union partner controls the brand and referral flow to the CUSO. Leavitt Group provides the insurance agency infrastructure, staffing, and carrier contracts. Leavitt Group’s controlling interest allows the CUSO to obtain key appointments that would otherwise be unattainable for a start-up agency. Each owner has influence and incentive for mutual goodwill to foster agency success. It is a true and balanced partnership.

Leavitt Group's Story

Dixie Leavitt at desk, 1952

In 1952, Dixie Leavitt opened an insurance agency in Cedar City, Utah, with one company appointment and no clients. By the decade’s end, Dixie had thousands of clients throughout southwestern Utah and southern Nevada.

Dixie Leavitt and his brother Bert incorporated Leavitt Insurance Agency of Las Vegas in 1959. Dixie owned 60%, and Bert owned 40%. Using this 60-40 arrangement, Dixie and other co-owners invested in and created agencies.

Leavitt Producer School 2021

As the parent company grew, LGE provided member agencies with the multi-agency strength necessary to maintain insurer relationships, offered placement services, provided back-office support, and developed other group-wide services, such as E&O coverage.

Leavitt Group has seen tremendous growth over the years, which was fostered by sound agency operations, innovation, partnering with the right people, and following the Leavitt Group values.