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Umbrella Coverage

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How can I Understand Umbrella Insurance?

North Carolina residents who are looking for personal umbrella insurance coverage can consult with Griffin Insurance Agency for their policy needs. Knowing what coverage is going to be provided is very important, as is knowing what the personal requirements are going to be.

Personal umbrella liability insurance policies are not always easy to understand. These policies are designed to serve as a buffer of sorts for the insurance policies that have already been purchased. These policies are not going to function on their own. They are utilized as a means of offering additional protection on top of the previously purchased policy.

These policies benefit clients from all backgrounds. Whether you are looking to protect a large number of assets or avoid a catastrophe that wipes out the savings you have accrued, these policies are a necessary aspect of your financial planning.

It is easy to find out if you are qualified. Take a closer look at the underlying insurance policies. The qualifications will vary from client to client, so be sure to take the time to look over your policies before taking the time to schedule a consultation meeting.

There is also a wide range of available coverage packages that are not going to be included in the average client's current insurance policy. Underlying insurance policies do not always include coverage for personal injury, slander, libel, false arrests, wrongful convictions, defamation of character, and any number of additional concerns.

Auto, home, and boat insurance policies are a great start, but they are not always sufficient. To receive the additional coverage that ensures long term health and safety, it is time to speak with the experts at Griffin Insurance Agency about all of the benefits that umbrella insurance policies have to offer.

Any further questions when it comes to your North Carolina umbrella insurance policy? If so, be sure to contact the helpful team at Griffin Insurance Agency today.

How Does Umbrella Insurance Work?

Umbrella insurance goes into effect when there is a covered liability claim under your car or homeowners insurance policy that exceeds the coverage limits you have purchased on those policies.

Before you can purchase umbrella insurance, many insurance companies require you to carry a certain amount of underlying personal liability coverage on both your homeowners and automobile policies. In addition, you may also be required to insure both your home and vehicles through the same insurance company you are purchasing the umbrella policy from.

The big question is often "How much coverage should I carry?" The answer usually depends on your net worth. Calculating the value of your home, stocks, mutual funds, and retirement accounts is the first step to determining the amount of coverage you should purchase under an umbrella insurance policy.

Any claim amount exceeding your standard liability policy is your responsibility to cover. In order to cover the costs of a large insurance claim against you, you could be forced to use money from your current assets, such as savings accounts, 401(k)s, or even your home. Your future earnings could be at risk as well. While an excessively large claim or catastrophic event is unlikely, insurance companies offer umbrella policies for customers who want to protect their assets and feel more secure. The good news is umbrella insurance is very affordable.

Real-Life Examples of Umbrella Coverage at Work

An umbrella insurance policy is suitable for people of all levels of personal wealth. Here are four situations where umbrella policies were vital:

Auto Insurance

A driver loses control on icy pavement and strikes another car. The other driver suffers serious injuries tallying up to $900,000. The at-fault driver has an auto insurance policy that covers $250,000 for injuries to any one person. If he has an umbrella with a $1,000,000 limit, it will pay the remaining $650,000. Without an umbrella, the at-fault driver would be personally responsible for that huge sum.

Homeowners Insurance

A homeowner has insurance that covers her liability for bodily injuries to others up to $300,000 per accident. A neighbor's child drowns in her swimming pool. The neighbor's estate sues her for $1,500,000. Her homeowner's insurance will pay $300,000; but if she doesn't have an umbrella, she is responsible for the remaining $1,200,000.


A man has a boat insurance policy that covers his liability for injuries to others up to $300,000. He loans his boat to a friend for the weekend. His friend is reckless and collides into another boat. The survivors and the estates of the deceased sue the driver and the boat owner. The court finds the owner liable for $1,000,000 of the judgment. His boat policy pays $300,000, but he is responsible for $700,000 because he didn't have an umbrella policy.

Personal Injury

A woman loudly repeats a rumor she heard about her neighbor. The neighbor sues her for defamation of character and wins $500,000. The woman's homeowners insurance does not cover defamation, but her $1,000,000 umbrella does. After she pays a $250 deductible, her umbrella pays the rest.