Employee Benefits

You deserve a professional to manage the options, rising costs, and compliance requirements of your benefits programs.

As a leading advisor of broad-based benefits solutions, you gain from our experience in designing plans that support your company's sustained success, including:

  • Plan Development & Design
  • Supporting Services (e.g. HR Support Services, Wellness, Underwriting)
  • Communications and Online Services (e.g. Enrollment)
  • Expanded Business Solutions (e.g. COBRA)
  • Retirement Plan Services
  • Executive and Individual Benefits
  • Compliance Services (e.g. ERISA, Health Care Reform)

We are here to help you.

You have organizational goals, excellent people, and exciting market opportunities. You deserve the kind of relationships and experience that will help you capitalize on all three while controlling your premiums. Let us help you develop a benefits program that genuinely supports your defined objectives, makes the best use of your benefits dollars, and enhances employee satisfaction and productivity. We invite you to contact us to discover the difference an exceptional benefits program and an experienced advisor can mean for your company.

Workers' Compensation

Does your workers' compensation program make the grade? Leavitt Group can help lower your x-Mod and workers' compensation costs.

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