Impact Management Self-Assessment

Skyrocketing healthcare costs, coupled with traditional, cost-based management strategies, have trapped most benefit programs in an unsustainable, vicious cycle of increasing costs and diminishing value.

The Impact Management Self-Assessment

Take five minutes to complete this convenient and free self-assessment and you will:

  • Discover new opportunities to take advantage of (ones you may be unaware of)
  • Have a clearer vision of a better future for your benefit program
  • Identify a path you can follow and the next steps to take to achieve that vision

Knowing where you are is the first step in deciding where you want to go.

Regardless of the progress you’ve made and the cost saving and risk management strategies you have implemented, completing the self-assessment will reveal new ways for you to:

  • Avoid or significantly mitigate the impact of catastrophic employee health events
  • Permanently control costs
  • Accelerate business performance
  • Build a healthier, safer workforces

 Take The Assessment


Completing The Impact Management Self-Assessment is easy.

  1. START by checking off all of the cost or risk management strategies your company has implemented or tried.
  2. LEARN what your score means by clicking CALCULATE RESULTS. A numeric score along with a description of your current strategy and the likely outcomes it will create will appear.
  3. EXPLORE logical next steps to take to improve your score by submitting your name, company name and email address.
  4. GET MORE HELP interpreting and applying your results by contacting Leavitt Group Northwest for an informal review of the self-assessment.
  5. CONSIDER scheduling a free and private Impact Management Workshop.

Begin Assessment

Impact Management Assessment
Check all items your business is currently doing:

Calculate Results

Impact Management Assessment

Your Score: 11/30

Your Strategy Classification:

Transitioning to Modern Impact Management

Results of maintaining status quo:

First off, please accept our congratulations! You have gained some familiarity with the components of cost, explored managing risk to gain more control of your plan, are currently using or have used alternative funding arrangements, receive some data – possibly medical/RX claims, and dipped your toe into the wellness pool.

Given the progressive nature of your current situation, status quo is not likely your plan of action. However, as progressive as they seem, these strategies are just the beginning. If you do not continue to explore, understand and implement additional strategies, your progress will be slow and easily stopped.

Your Next Steps

What’s next? We recommend enrolling a data analyst to conduct a thorough analysis of the data you are receiving. If you do not do this, you will soon learn that an experience report is not enough, as it doesn’t even begin to show you where your money is actually going.

You can also, with the help of an experienced advisor, conduct a complete audit of where your benefit dollars are actually being spent. (Be aware that most brokers typically only look at the premiums you pay, and ignore the many components of cost. Additionally, most brokers will look at your cost from a year-to-year perspective not from a multi-year strategic viewpoint. This results in your cost being a random, annual budget item.)

At Leavitt Group Northwest, we can show you where your money is going. If you would like to have an informal conversation about how you can fully leverage your data, call us.

You may also want to schedule a free and private Impact Management Workshop

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