Your Data DNA

When your Data DNA is in the hands of providers and carriers whose first priority is to protect their bottom lines, what can you expect?

Your Data DNA

Just as human DNA determines someone’s overall health, how they grow, and their physical characteristics, your Data DNA determines your company's health, growth and future… but only when you own it.

When it comes to creating and sustaining effective and affordable employee health benefit programs that work, the answer is increasingly and painfully clear: traditional cost management strategies do not work. The traditional system is broken and, not only is it failing to contribute to the success of your company, it is failing the people whose health it is meant to protect.

Think about it: even though an ever-increasing amount of data is being captured, do you have practical access to it? Can you put it to use in a meaningful fashion?

Until now, answering “yes” to these questions has been impossible. You have no practical access to the data that matters, you only have trend (someone else’s data) and opinion to go on. You can’t use the data that is out there in a meaningful way because it is fragmented in data “silos” that are controlled by someone else.

Leavitt Group Northwest gives you ownership of your Data DNA and the power to use it to protect and determine the health, growth and future of your company.

If you would like to…

  • Put an end to trend
  • Replace opinion with verifiable, robust data
  • Break open the data silos

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