Impact Management

CFOs who know their numbers, know 5% of their workforce drives 50% or more of their healthcare costs.

Why let predictable claims go unpredicted?

What if there was a new way to identify the 5% before they:
  • Suffered a catastrophic health event;
  • Took a big bite out of your health program, and;
  • Hindered business performance?
What if your employee benefit, wellness and safety program made it possible to:
  • Avoid or significantly mitigate the impact of catastrophic employee health events;
  • Permanently control benefit program costs;
  • Accelerate business performance, and;
  • Build a healthier workforce?
What if you could take control of the destiny and cost of your employee benefit program?

Impact Management from Leavitt Group Northwest turns your “what ifs” into reality.

Leveraging the proven power of big data analytics, modern Impact Management delivers:

  • Program design and management based on fact; not opinion and someone else's “trend”
  • Modern and effective alternatives to traditional and ineffective cost management strategies
  • The liberation of your Data DNA from providers and carriers who have been using it against you
  • The continuous monitoring and precise measurement of the impact of the decisions you and your employees make

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