Car Insurance
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A great car insurance policy protects you and other drivers.

We can help you select the auto insurance policy and price that is right for you. We have access to all of the top insurance companies in the nation, giving you more options when choosing your car insurance.

Car Insurance

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What You Need to Know About Car Insurance

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Are you confident that your car insurance policy safeguards you and your fellow drivers? How can you be sure that it will come through when you need it most? Read on to learn how to determine if you're getting the utmost value for your insurance investment.

Puffenbarger Insurance Approach to Car Insurance

At Puffenbarger Insurance, we approach car insurance differently. Instead of being tied to a single insurance company, we have the privilege of accessing a broad spectrum of the nation's top insurers. This means we can assist you in selecting the most suitable policy at a competitive price.

Decoding Savings in the Insurance Industry

You may wonder how every insurance company promises to save you hundreds of dollars on your auto insurance. If everyone could indeed save $500 every time they switched insurers, car insurance might eventually become free. The reality, however, is more nuanced. Insurance rates are dynamic, fluctuating over time. Each insurance company operates with its unique rating system, assessing factors like age, car make and model, mileage, and more. Consequently, the claim of saving $500 by switching insurers is not a universal truth but rather a reflection of the individual's alignment with that particular company's rating criteria.

The Vital Role of Independent Car Insurance Agents

This is where an independent car insurance agent plays a pivotal role in the selection of your auto insurance policy. Puffenbarger Insurance represents not just one local insurance provider but a multitude of them. We have the capacity to meticulously compare these insurers until we unearth the one that best aligns with your specific risk profile. The outcome? You receive the maximum value for your insurance investment.

Prioritizing Protection and Savings

While we understand the significance of cost, your family's financial security takes precedence. Acquiring a car insurance policy merely for its affordability isn't sufficient if it doesn't offer comprehensive protection. Many states mandate "minimum" car insurance coverage, which often falls short in safeguarding your family's financial stability, especially in multi-car accidents. Our local auto insurance agents at Puffenbarger Insurance, conveniently located near you, will guide you in choosing the optimal amount of liability coverage, personal injury protection, medical expenses coverage, and uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. Due to our ability to pair your needs with the most suitable insurance provider, we often provide enhanced coverage without a significant increase in cost. In some cases, the cost remains unchanged, particularly when bundling your car insurance with other insurance requirements. Our team possesses the resources to provide exceptional car insurance policies at highly competitive prices.

Maximizing Savings with Discounts

You can ensure your road safety with a car insurance policy tailored to your needs without breaking the bank. Part of this customization involves exploring various car insurance discounts. These discounts encompass a range of factors, including academic achievements and a clean driving record. Additional savings can be achieved if your vehicle is equipped with airbags, anti-theft devices, or automatic seatbelts. Bundling your home and auto insurance with the same company also opens the door to substantial discounts.

Strategies to reduce your car insurance costs:

  1. Consider a higher deductible.
  2. Research insurance costs for a vehicle before purchase.
  3. Bundle homeowners and car insurance for added savings.
  4. Maintain a clean driving history.
  5. Assess the need for certain coverages on older vehicles.
  6. Drive fewer miles to qualify for lower rates.

Tailoring Your Auto Insurance Coverage

When it comes to car insurance, the market offers a multitude of options, but not all policies are created equal. Opting for the cheapest policy without considering other factors can prove to be a costly mistake in the long run.

Puffenbarger Insurance is here to ensure that your car insurance does what it's designed to do: provide unwavering protection in the event of an accident. As independent agents, we take the hassle out of insurance shopping, apply relevant discounts, and, most importantly, ensure you have the precise car insurance coverage for your unique circumstances.

Puffenbarger Insurance

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the implications of using my personal vehicle for business on my insurance policy?

    Using your personal vehicle for business purposes can affect your coverage. Personal auto insurance may not cover business-related accidents or liabilities. You may need a commercial auto policy or a business-use endorsement to ensure proper protection.

  • How is it possible for every insurance company to save you hundreds of dollars on your auto insurance?

    If everyone saved $500 every time they switched companies, car insurance would eventually be free. The reality is, rates do change sometimes prices go down, sometimes up (and currently they are on the rise). But, the real secret here is that every insurance company has their own rating system. For example, one company may favor certain characteristics and thus rate them differently from your age, to the make and model of your car, to your mileage, and so on. Every insurance company is a little different. So, those examples of a person saying "I saved $500 when I switched," doesn't mean everyone will save that much. Rather, that particular person's situation happened to be a better fit for that particular insurance company. This is why using a Puffenbarger Insurance independent car insurance agent is so critical when selecting your auto insurance and other insurance products. A Puffenbarger Insurance agent represents more than just one local insurance company. We have the ability to comparison shop among different insurance companies until we find the one that favors your unique set of risks. The result? You get the most value for your insurance dollar. Get better car insurance and save money by using a local Puffenbarger Insurance insurance agent. We know cost is important, and so is your family's financial security. We all like a good deal, but a car insurance policy that fails to truly protect you is not worth the lower price you may have paid for it. Many states have "minimum" amounts of car insurance that a driver is required to have. Unfortunately, these policies are often simply not enough to protect your family's financial stability in the face of many types of car accidents (especially those involving multiple cars). Our local auto insurance agents near you will help you select the right amount of liability coverage, personal injury protection, medical expenses coverage, and uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage. Because of our ability to match your needs with the insurance company that is right for you, we are often able to provide our clients with car insurance policies that provide increased and much needed coverage without adding significantly to the cost. In fact, sometimes the cost has been the same, especially when we bundle your car insurance policy with your other insurance needs. Our professionals have the resources to deliver exceptional car insurance policies at extremely competitive prices. You want to make sure when you hit the road that you have adequately covered your risks with a car insurance policy that is right for you. That doesn't mean you have to pay a lot to do it! Part of matching your situation with the right insurance company also means examining the many car insurance discounts available to get you a better car insurance price. Auto insurance discounts are available for a variety of factors. We will consult with you to make sure we maximize your car insurance discount opportunities, including good student and good driver discounts as well as discounts for multiple vehicles insured. You could qualify for additional discounts if your car has airbags, anti-theft devices, and/or automatic seat-belts. Discounts are also available if you insure both your home and your automobiles with the same company. Here are some additional ways you can save on your car insurance: Ask for a higher deductible Check the cost of insurance on a vehicle before you buy Bundle homeowners and car insurance Maintain a good driving history Reduce certain coverages on older cars Drive fewer miles Selecting the right car insurance coverage for your needs. When it comes to car insurance, there are numerous options on the market. However, not all policies are created equal. While the insurance policy with the lowest price might be most attractive to you, selecting an option solely on price might end up costing you in the long run. Puffenbarger Insurance near you is here to make sure your car insurance does its job: keeps you protected in case of an accident. As independent Puffenbarger Insurance agents, we can do the shopping for you, apply applicable discounts, and most importantly make sure you have the right car insurance coverage for your situation.

  • So how do you know that your policy is really going to do its job when you need it? How do you know you are getting the best value for your insurance dollar?

    Our insurance professionals do things differently. We don't just represent one insurance company, but rather we have access to all of the top companies in the nation and can help you select the policy and price that is right for you.

Some things to consider when choosing your car insurance

Here are a few tips for simplifying the insurance selection process and ensuring you have the right coverage:

Consider higher limits of coverage than the state-required limits.

If you choose the minimum coverage required by your state for car insurance, you may not be fully covered in an accident. For example, if your property damage coverage is $15,000 and you cause $25,000 worth of damage, you’ll have to pay the remaining $10,000 out of your own wallet.

Tell it like it is.

Insurance companies do verify driving records before issuing a car insurance policy, and this can affect the price of your auto insurance. In order to obtain the most accurate quote and to make sure you are matched with the best car insurance company for your situation, let us know about any speeding tickets, moving violations, and past accidents.

Pay attention to the total package.

Consider price, coverage, convenience, and customer service. Since every insurance company is different, you’ll want to decide what is most important to you, and communicate this to your Puffenbarger Insurance insurance agent so they can help you choose the company and the car insurance policy that meets your specific needs.