Health Care Reform

Every employer offering employee benefits will need to understand health care reform and be ready to communicate new choices to their workforce. We help you stay informed of the latest health care reform changes and updates.

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We are committed to the following for our clients:

  • Conduct a full impact assessment on your business.
  • Recommend tailored solutions.
  • Develop a compliance action plan.
  • Update plan documents.
  • Ensure that implementation of changes aligns with your strategic goals.
  • Our in-house ERISA attorney will help guide discussions regarding reform and other labor law and benefits legal concerns.

Stay Current on the Latest Updates

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At you can stay up to date with bulletins about Healthcare Reform and Benefits Compliance. These bulletins are written by Leavitt's ERISA attorneys and provide informative, practical explanations of specific provisions of the Health Care Reform law, regulations and other guidance. These bulletins are detailed enough to keep you informed, and are written without using legal jargon, providing clear, accessible, and understandable updates. Read new bulletins as they are published to stay abreast of new legal developments on Health Care Reform.

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