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About Shawn

Shawn Kraft, has been in the insurance industry since 2007, coming into the business from a successful career coaching and working with the highest level of collegiate and professional athletes. Shawn was with Western States Insurance and in 2012 he was elevated to Branch Manager. However, he jumped at the opportunity to join the Leavitt Group as an owner instead of taking a ownership position with the newly formed Paynewest Group.

His role within Leavitt Great West is to provide cutting edge solutions that were previously unavailable to Montana businesses on the ground.

"I have had the best scenario possible. I learned from a small regional firm how to work with less, rely on yourself and your intrinsic work ethic, but with limited exposure to anything outside of the old way of handling business. It provided a solid base, however, to bring true value above the line, you have to have national relationships, you have to be exposed to, and help create new ideas, and now I am able to be a part of these ideas from the leaders in the country. We now create new profit centers for companies out of a what has been an expense budget line item."

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    Relying on the old, character and work ethic, yet bringing in the new, new knowledge, new relationships, and new experiences, combined with a proven track record of success that spans thru companies, Shawn is driven to find better solutions that most owners do not know exist.

    "That is the rewarding part, like coaching the best athletes in the NFL, they still need coaches, a support structure to achieve at the highest level, and we are that structure now for best in class companies. We don't work with anyone, we don't have the market share of other agencies because the people we work with are hand picked or referred, and they realize what we know- they shouldn't settle! That's our niche- only the best."

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3390 Colton Drive
Unit A
Helena, MT 59602-0204

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