The role of an agent

Proactive Risk Management

"The role of an agent is critical in determining the success of a business."

Bob Kysar—Agency Co-Owner

How we serve you


We help you plan and carry out important risk plans.


We encourage each client to act on items that will make them a better risk.

Incite action

Make each plan item a priority and ensure it is executed on time.


Know all your options in order to make the right insurance choices.

Understand risk and exposure

These crucial elements are the beginning of risk management.

Insurance trends

Clearly communicate insurance trends so you can be up to date with the latest options.

Competitive Cost

Offer better ways to buy your insurance that result in the right coverage at the right cost.

Manage risk and prevent loss

We stay up-to-date to identify effective ways for managing risk and preventing loss.


An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Identify proactive strategies

Mitigate loss when it occurs with in-place plans and options.

Reduce client workload

Administrative and risk management support services lighten burdens on your business.


Our unique approach drives proven results.

We tell our clients the truth instead of just telling them what they want to hear.

We help clients understand the consequences of choosing not to follow the agent's advice.

We challenge current systems and methods with facts that will support new methods.


We fight for you to make sure everything moves forward timely and accurately.

We hold insurance companies accountable in underwriting, response times, and claims payments.

Support relationship with clients and insurance companies to build relationship capital when needed.

Provide claims support to help clients get a check in the right amount.

Simplify the time and effort a client must give in their relationship with risk and insurance.


Our industry connections bridge the gap between your business and vital risk resources.

Connect to potential relationships that bring value to the business.

Connect to service providers who will assist in risk management.