Umbrella Coverage
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Learn about how affordable an umbrella insurance policy can be for you.

You can easily protect yourself from large claims by adding low-cost umbrella insurance to your policy.

Umbrella Coverage

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What You Need to Know About Umbrella Coverage

What happens if a claim costs more than the limit on your home or car insurance policy? Unfortunately, any amount owed that is over your policy limit is your responsibility and can be financially devastating. The good news is you can easily protect yourself from large claims by adding low-cost umbrella insurance to your policy.<>

Before you can purchase umbrella insurance, many insurance companies require you to carry a certain amount of underlying personal liability coverage on both your homeowners and automobile policies. In addition, you may also be required to insure both your home and vehicles through the same insurance company you are purchasing the umbrella policy from.<>

A homeowner has insurance that covers her liability for bodily injuries to others up to $300,000 per accident. A neighbor's child drowns in her swimming pool. The neighbor's estate sues her for $1,500,000. Her homeowner's insurance will pay $300,000; but if she doesn't have an umbrella, she is responsible for the remaining $1,200,000.


A man has a boat insurance policy that covers his liability for injuries to others up to $300,000. He loans his boat to a friend for the weekend. His friend is reckless and collides into another boat. The survivors and the estates of the deceased sue the driver and the boat owner. The court finds the owner liable for $1,000,000 of the judgment. His boat policy pays $300,000, but he is responsible for $700,000 because he didn't have an umbrella insurance policy in North Carolina.

Personal Injury

A woman loudly repeats a rumor she heard about her neighbor. The neighbor sues her for defamation of character and wins $500,000. The woman's homeowners insurance does not cover defamation, but her $1,000,000 umbrella does. After she pays a $250 deductible, her umbrella pays the rest.