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We're experienced insurance advisors who live, work, and give back - right here in Twin Falls and Burley, Idaho. You need insurance to fit your unique industry. We focus on farm, business, and construction insurance.

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We love our coworkers

  • “Sharon is a wealth of knowledge both professionally and in life lessons.”

    “Tina is the best at fixing the printer!”

    “Patsy expects a lot from herself and encourages the rest of us to do the same.”

    “Cynthia is my secret sister. If she thinks it, I say it and vice versa. She tells the best stories.”

  • “David always has a grin and is a super good sport when we involve him in holiday dress up.”

    “Tina is our go-to girl to get things figured out.”

    “Megan always makes me feel good and has something funny to add to my day.”

    “Holly is so polite and sweet to clients and coworkers. She’s willing to jump in and learn.”

  • “Pam is always up-front and not afraid to let you know what’s what.”

    “Patsy’s demonstrations are hilarious! I now know how to properly replace the TP 😂 ”

    “David always tells us fun stories and has the best Halloween costumes.”

    “Megan is honest, no filter. Which is a huge breath of fresh air.”

  • “Tina is my own personal computer tech. She is always fixing things for us.”

    “Cynthia is always willing to help no matter how busy she is.”

    “Miles Naylor is such a hard worker. He is always here and ready to jump when needed.”

    “Allen is fun to work with and always makes a point to come say good morning.”

  • “Janice is kind and positive.”

    “Lauralee is always so kind and helpful.”

    “Lisa is fun and makes the workplace positive.”

    “Sam is always willing to help a friend in need.”

  • “Kylie is always willing to drop what she is doing to help find answers to questions.”

    “Ashtyn comes to work with a positive attitude. She makes our work atmosphere better.”

    “Linda is the best at collecting information from clients for quotes.”

    “Tasha will be the first to tell you when your tire is flat, and with much empathy.”

  • “Drew is always quick to help us with anything personal or work related. He is the real MVP.”

    “We wouldn’t know what to do without Clarissa’s sense of humor!”

    “Sam helps out where she can.”

    “Patsy is easy to talk to about anything.”

  • “Alisa is very knowledgeable.”

    “Morgan is a patient trainer.”

    “Sue is always willing and happy to help.”

    “Lauralee always goes the extra mile for our insureds.”

  • “Allen is such a cool boss!”

    “Thanks to Ashtyn for always making sure we get birthday treats!”

    “I always look forward to Sam’s daily inspirational email signatures! 😊 ”

    “Melissa Lester is the most loyal, caring, and helpful person I have gotten to know.”

  • “Lisa is learning so fast and can pop off with jokes no problem!”

    “Drew and Miles always help me with my workflow.”

    “Jaclyn Peterson is one of the strongest women I know!”

    “Renee works so hard to keep her clients happy.”

  • “Natasha is always quick to help when needed, always funny and smiling.”

    “Janice is literally one of the kindest people I know.”

    “Sam is always doing crafty gifts for her coworkers.”

    “Ashtyn made my whole year with a nice note on my computer!”

  • “Allen is the best boss man around!”

    “Jaclyn makes good fudge!”

    “Melissa is upbeat and brings a ray of sunshine to any room.”

    “Amanda Brooks is one of our newest team members and is absolutely rocking it! She is great with clients.”

  • “Logan is always bringing in goodies for the office.”

    “Linda is the scare champion!”

    “Clarissa always makes me laugh with her jokes and comments”

    “Melissa is always helpful and kind.”

  • “Lisa has a beautiful smile.”

    “Renee is dependable.”

    “Jaclyn is ambitious and not afraid to go after what she wants.”

    “Morgan is the best team player.”

  • “Sam goes the extra mile helping with office errands.”

    “I always love hearing Ashtyn’s kid stories.”

    “Alisa is helpful with brainstorming and to ask questions.”

Trusted by our local friends

  • Todd Robinson Client Portrait

    “We moved all our policies to Starley-Leavitt Insurance. Our agent always calls or stops in to see how everything is going or if we need anything. I’m very impressed with their customer service and professionalism. I would recommend Starley-Leavitt to anyone for their business insurance needs.”

    Todd Robinson of TR Welding, Inc.

  • Christine Wilson Client Portrait

    “If you want to feel taken care of, valued as a customer, and no stress when it comes to insurance, head to Starley-Leavitt Insurance! From day one they have taken care of us. They answer any and all questions we have regarding our businesses, get things done in a timely manner, and are super friendly and easy going!”

    Christine Wilson — Co-owner of The Smokey Bone BBQ

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Life is an Adventure

You know how to live life, we know how to cover it.

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