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65 years of partnering with local agents to jointly own and grow independent insurance agencies; currently 88 separate jointly owned agencies operate from 135+ different locations nationwide.

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Follow the affiliation story of an expanding Seattle-area agency—from the challenges the agency faced to finding an affiliation solution that would make their agency vision a reality.

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What our co-owners say about us

“Our affiliation was primarily driven by our cultural match. We knew we were doing business with people like ourselves. We knew that they were a company that does what they say they’re going to do.”

Producer Testimonial

Ted Schlatter—Agency Co-Owner, Leavitt Group Northwest, Washington

“The Leavitt Group philosophy of local ownership creates a really effective space for agency owners, producers, and clients to truly succeed.”

Producer Testimonial

Mike Taylor—Agency Co-Owner, Leavitt Great West Insurance Services, Montana

“Our affiliation with Leavitt Group affords us the opportunity to grow our agency with the resources and power of a private national broker.”

Producer Testimonial

Bob Smith—Agency Co-Owner, Smith & Leavitt Insurance Services, Ohio

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Leavitt Group

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Leavitt Group's unique ownership model allows you to maintain your own culture and reputation while adding the valuable national resources that will help your agency thrive.

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We Solve Perpetuation Challenges

An independent agency owner invests time, effort, and money in building an agency. When they have a need to access national resources to continue that growth, when retirement nears, or when other circumstances lead to a decision to sell, the owner has many factors to consider, including:

  • How to continue customer service and agency management
  • How to realize agency equity value
  • Determining the extent of future personal involvement

Leavitt Group Enterprises has carefully developed solutions for agency owners in a wide range of circumstances.

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We Take a Different Approach to Affiliation

Agency owners are looking for perpetuation solutions and the national resources required to compete, but they are not interested in the typical aggregators or consolidators that dominate the market place. That is where the Leavitt Group comes in:

  • Equity Opportunity
    We provide an equity opportunity to the agency manager who is on the ground. This unique co-ownership model is not found among aggregators.
  • Autonomy
    Our agencies have significant autonomy in their day-to-day operations, and they maintain their own culture of success.
  • Consensus Building
    We believe in consensus building rather than mandates.
  • Aligning Interests
    We align interests. For example, our supporting businesses and centralized resources are owned collectively by affiliated agencies, not by the parent company.
  • Solutions
    We solve problems. Any number of circumstances can cause an agency owner to face some kind of ownership transition. We work with the parties involved to bring about positive resolutions.
  • National Resources, Local Trust
    Affiliated agencies are proud to bring their clients national resources while still building the personal relationships expected from a locally-owned agency.

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Mark Leavitt

Vice Chairman and Managing Director of Affiliations

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