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Welcome to the next level in employee benefit consulting and concierge level service.

Our primary purpose is to help you and your company with all of your insurance and administrative needs. We create simpler insurance products that reduce risk, lower cost and enhance coverage while meeting budget considerations. We carefully identify and analyze your practice needs and put together a comprehensive health insurance package tailored specifically for you and your employees’ needs.

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Chris Cardozo—Co-owner

We pride ourselves on our hands-on approach to managing the constant tactical and transactional activity associated with employee benefits surrounding California’s progression in health care reform. Our promise is to show you something different and present a better solution for you and your employees’ needs.


You and your employees are a top priority in our business. Our goal is to save your employees money, all while enhancing benefits and allowing them more control over their healthcare choices. Our promise is to provide dedicated support and unparalleled advocacy to your employees in all their insurance needs. We strive to help them understand their plan and resolve any claim issues if needed.

Our key services and offerings:

  • Open Enrollment Meetings
  • Plan Education
  • Rx and Patient Care
  • Claims Review
  • Benefit Hotline
  • Nurse help 24/7
  • Newsletter
  • Wellness


Our role is to provide you, the employer, with a high level of advocacy and support surrounding the administration of your employee benefits. You will receive a high level of counsel, strategic planning, and compliance. We do this all while taking budget considerations into account.

Helpful services we provide for businesses:

  • Day to day communication
  • Billing and Cobra Assistance
  • Adds and Terms
  • Contractual Maintenance
  • Pre / Post Renewal Preparation
  • Open Enrollment, Timeline and Meeting Coordination
  • Administrative Resource
  • Legal & Compliance
  • HR Resource
  • Timeline


We create simpler insurance products that enhance coverage, reduce risk, and lower cost. We do this all while carefully meeting budget considerations.

Our consulting services:

  • Pre/Post Open Enrollment Meetings + Plan Education
  • High-Level Client Assistance
  • Implementation of Benefit Program
  • Alternative Strategic Budgeting / Planning
  • Education of Plans / Rates
  • Establish Goals and Objectives
  • Timeline

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Chris Cardozo

Chris Cardozo

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Lori Urias

Lori Urias

Let us help you with your employee benefits needs & questions.

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