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Most Americans have little or no coverage to protect their income. Being unable to work due to disability can lead to financial ruin. Disability income insurance allows you to protect yourself financially should disability occur

The effects of a disability can be disastrous to a family or a business. Financial obligations still need to be met, though the ability to do so has been diminished. Most companies and their employees could benefit from either individual disability income insurance or group disability income coverage in the event of a disability; however, this type of insurance is one of the most overlooked areas of risk.

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What is Disability Insurance

Disability income insurance is a type of health insurance that is intended to protect an individual from loss of income if they are unable to work for an extended period of time due to a disabling injury or illness. Payments are usually made on a weekly or monthly basis for a specified amount of time during the length of the individual’s disability. Coverage lasts until the individual can return to work or until the maximum period allowed by the coverage has passed, normally not past age 65. Individuals often purchase this coverage to help them meet expenses and maintain their standard of living in the event they are unable to work due to sickness or injury.

Disability Income Insurance Riders

There are a variety of benefits included in a disability insurance policy. In addition, you may be eligible for several different riders to further customize your policy. In some cases, these riders can be added to your policy at no additional cost when you meet certain underwriting guidelines. There are many different riders available, so check with your insurance advisor regarding your options. The following are a few common riders:

  • Automatic Increase Rider
  • Capital Sum Benefit
  • Future Increase Option
  • Presumptive Disability Benefit
  • Social Security Rider
  • Waiver-of-Premium Rider

For more information on disability coverage, and the supportive riders, contact your Leavitt Group insurance agent.

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