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RV Insurance
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Whether you are exploring the country full-time in your motor home or just enjoy getting away from it all on the weekends in your travel trailer, your RV is part of your lifestyle and often represents a significant investment.

RV Insurance

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What You Need to Know About RV Insurance

When it comes to RVs, one thing is for certain – they are not your typical vehicles. They are your home on wheels, your ticket to adventure, and a significant investment. To safeguard your motorhome or camper effectively, you need specialized RV insurance that goes beyond standard auto coverage. 

RV Insurance Goes Beyond Auto Coverage

RV insurance is a specialized form of coverage meticulously designed to cater to the distinctive needs of recreational vehicles. Unlike standard auto insurance, RV insurance recognizes the unique purpose and features of these homes on wheels. It provides comprehensive financial protection in a variety of scenarios, including accidents, theft, natural disasters, and liability claims.

Exploring Vital RV Insurance Coverages

1. Total Loss Replacement

Imagine the unfortunate scenario where your beloved RV is totaled or stolen, especially within the first five model years. National General RV Insurance offers an optional Full Replacement Cost Coverage, providing you with peace of mind. In such circumstances, they will replace your RV with a comparable, brand-new one, regardless of whether you are the original owner or not.

2. Storage Options

Comprehensive coverage is essential to protect your RV from a wide range of threats, such as animals, fires, storms, wind, and theft. However, National General offers a unique Storage Option that allows you to save money during the months when your RV is off the road. By suspending coverages you don't need at that time, you can optimize your insurance costs effectively.

3. Full Timer Coverage

For those who embrace the RV lifestyle year-round, the Full Timer Insurance Coverage is a valuable asset. This plan covers personal liability losses occurring outside of auto accidents, and it extends its protection worldwide. It is specifically tailored for clients who use their RV for six or more months each year and do not own a primary residence.

4. Personal Effects Coverage

Your RV often carries more than just memories; it holds personal items, from essential gadgets to cozy linens and useful attachments. The Personal Effects Coverage ensures that your precious possessions are safeguarded by covering their full replacement cost. You can also customize your RV insurance policy with additional coverage if needed.

Expert Guidance at Your Service

At Dott-Leavitt Insurance Services, we boast the expertise required to assess your unique situation and provide tailored RV coverage that suits your needs. Our mission is to ensure you embark on your adventures with peace of mind, knowing that your home on wheels is protected every step of the way.

Navigating Safe Travels: RV Maintenance Tips

1. Pre-Travel Inspection

Many RV insurance claims can be easily avoided with a thorough pre-travel inspection. Before hitting the road, ensure that awnings, antennas, steps, and other accessories are in their proper traveling positions. Neglecting these small but crucial details can lead to significant damage to your RV during your journey.

2. Winterize Your RV

If you plan to leave your RV dormant during the winter months, taking proper precautions is essential. Winterizing your RV involves draining the water systems, covering the tires, sealing the RV tightly to prevent critters from entering, removing and storing batteries where they won't freeze, and winterizing generators. These simple steps will help you protect your RV and avoid costly surprises in the spring.

3. Tire Maintenance

Never underestimate the importance of well-maintained tires. Check your RV tires to ensure they are properly inflated, as both over and underinflated tires can be dangerous and increase the risk of tire failure. Additionally, inspect your tires for any signs of damage and address any issues promptly to prevent problems during your travels.

RV insurance serves as your safety net during your journeys of exploration. It offers you the peace of mind to embrace the open road, knowing that your cherished home on wheels is protected in every way possible. As you plan your next adventure, remember that the right insurance coverage is an essential companion on your road to discovery. Don't embark on your journey without it.