Whole Farm Revenue Protection

Uncertainty has always been a part of the business, but now there is a way to protect against unexpected yield and revenue losses. Whole farm revenue protection does just that.

Not only can it guarantee a crop's yield, it ensures your gross revenue. For example, let's say you had a strong growing season with great weather, but it's a volatile market and prices fluctuate. Whole farm revenue protection can help you recover up to 85% of your average gross revenue.

Here's how it works

The program uses your last five years of taxes to determine your average potential revenue from all farm crop revenue. Then you decide what percentage of that revenue you want to have guaranteed. You can cover between 50-85% of your average revenue. Whole Farm revenue insurance protection is a program subsidized by the government and is only available through approved select insurance agents. Whether market volatility or mother nature, this critical coverage finally provides the stability you need for your farm.

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