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The Colorado legislature enacted the Premium Cost Containment Program in 1989 due to alarming increases in the number of worker injuries and the resulting costs of workers’ compensation. Under this program, employers who implement and maintain a standardized loss prevention/loss control program, and achieve certification status, are eligible for a reduction on their workers’ compensation premiums. For most employers this equates to a 5% discount. Employers will remain eligible for this discount as long as they remain certified in the program.

Certification status is granted by the Premium Cost Containment Board to employers who can document that they have had a qualifying loss prevention/loss control program in effect for at least one full year.

The six minimum requirements for certification in the program are:

  • Declaration of Safety Policy
  • Safety Coordinator and/or Committee
  • Safety/Loss Prevention Rules
  • Safety/Loss Prevention Training
  • Designated Medical Provider
  • Written Claims Management Procedures

This is an outstanding program that has helped reduce the frequency and severity of worker injuries for thousands of Colorado employers. If you would like to learn more about the program or request assistance, please contact Pat Hagge in our office.

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