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Ana's Blood Orange Margarita Recipe »

I imagined when we moved into our new home a few years ago and saw a huge orange tree in the back yard that I’d wake up on the weekends and make freshly squeezed orange juice, and my grandsons would have an orange stand in the summertime. Instead, I mastered making different cocktails using the oranges from it.

Andrea's Chicken Quarantine (Pechuga De Pollo A La Florentina) »

I had eaten this dish at a fancy Italian restaurant and absolutely loved it. So, I decided to search for a recipe to make during this quarantine. I found a recipe demonstration on YouTube in Spanish, and it came out perfect! The whole family enjoyed it, and you know how hard it can be to please all of them sometimes. I’ve translated it here. The only thing I did differently was not add ham. Bon appetite!

Deb’s Easy Poached Halibut »

I have a house full of big hungry boys, and this fish recipe is packed with flavor and satisfies all. An added bonus is sending the boys out to catch, clean, and cook! This recipe works with any fish or shrimp. You can also serve with corn tortillas and Ana’s margaritas. Ole!

Donna’s Pasta Spinach Dish »

Very fast, easy & ingredient flexible!

Ilene’s Easy, Fast Green Chili Casserole »

One day I needed to come up with something for dinner and didn’t have much in the house but didn’t want to go to the store. I was able to quickly find and gather these ingredients to make this simple meal. My family loved and enjoyed it — even the kids! This is now one of my go-to’s for potlucks. Super easy and I always get compliments on it.

Kaija’s It’s Easy Being Green In Quarantine Muffins (GF & Kid Approved) »

This recipe is one of the few ways that I can get green food into my child. These muffins make a quick afternoon snack with hopefully some leftovers for breakfast the next day. This recipe will make about 5-6 regular sized muffins, but you can double the ingredients if you want more.

Karna’s Lemon Turmeric Tea Cake »

This recipe is from my daughter and was yum! When life gives you lemons… I make lemon ice cubes to put in my vodka. This cake may be more appropriate.

Marice’s Foolproof Brined Pork Chops »

Thick bone-in pork chops never turned out well for me, until I learned about brining. This is an easy and delicious way to get a perfect chop every time!

Rochelle’s Stop and Smell the Cauliflower »

If you love barbecue chicken wings, you will love this recipe! Super easy to make at home and a great substitute to use instead of chicken. I make it as an appetizer or a side dish for dinner. Enjoy!

Taylor’s Low(er) Carb Pasta a la Puttanesca »

This dish turns out perfectly every time, and it’s made with mostly pantry ingredients, so it’s a winner when you are looking for something simple and quick. It’s so delicious that you won’t even notice half the pasta is replaced with zucchini, and no one will guess that it only took you 20 minutes start-to-finish!

Vanessa’s Mom’s Amazing Cornbread »

Goes great with any dish and will always remind you of home!