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Having the right personal insurance agent can help give you peace of mind knowing you have the right coverage for the risks at a competitive price.

Personal Insurance

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What You Need to Know About Personal Insurance

What is personal insurance?

With a personal insurance policy, you can protect your and your family’s health, your personal belongings, and even your activities. Individual insurance covers costs that could potentially cripple your financial health.

Some policies, like car and homeowners insurance, are required by law or third parties. Even though the majority of personal insurance policies aren’t required, you should still consider maintaining them. Accidents happen, and you should protect yourself against their devastating financial effects.

What are the types of personal insurance?

There are hundreds of different types of personal insurance you can choose from depending on your needs and situation. However, there are some significant individual insurance policies everyone should know. These include:

  • Car Insurance — A great car insurance policy protects you and other drivers.
  • Earthquake Insurance — Impossible to predict, earthquakes can cause major damage to your personal property and home. It is a common assumption that homeowners insurance covers earthquakes and other natural disasters, but this isn’t always the case.
  • Flood Insurance — Standard homeowners and renters insurance policies do not cover flooding! Since flooding can occur anywhere it rains, every homeowner should seriously consider purchasing a flood insurance policy.
  • Health Insurance — An individual health insurance policy can provide coverage for individuals, individuals and their spouses, or entire families.
  • Homeowner’s Insurance — Your house is not just a roof over your head. It is your family's home and holds those things you value and worked hard to acquire. It is also one of the biggest investments many of us make.
  • Life Insurance — It isn’t for you—it's for your family. Life insurance offers financial protection to your dependents in the event of your death.
  • Umbrella Insurance — This policy provides additional liability insurance that goes into effect when a claim exceeds your homeowners or car insurance policy’s limits.

So how do you know if your policy is really going to do its job when you need it? How do you know you are getting the best value for your insurance dollar? This is where the experience and knowledge of an independent insurance agent comes in – having the right agent can help give you peace of mind knowing you have the right coverage for the risks you face at a competitive price.

How is Leavitt Group one of the best-kept secrets?

Quite simply, as independent insurance agents, we can bring you more choice and unbiased advice. Our network of personal insurance agents is in your community and our agents value the kind of client relationship, service, and consultative approach that is often lost with direct online purchases.

We want our clients to have the same convenient ways to handle their insurance--whether it starts with a comparison quote online, a phone call, or a visit from one of our agents. We then add a critical step in the process: we consult with you to ensure the coverage, product, and insurance company is right for your needs.

The result is truly better insurance.

You work hard to protect your family and yourself. We can help. We’ll assess what your risks are and help you tailor the individual insurance policies you need.

We’d love to chat with you. Contact us today!