Industries Overview

We are an insurance agency dedicated to serving the communication and technology sectors.

We provide an advisory approach to identifying risks and providing adequate coverage to ensure your business suffers the least impact from arising situations.

Industries Overview

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The Industries We Serve

SaaS, PaaS & IaaS Providers


Companies and professionals that provide infrastructure, platform, or software as a service require optimal insurance coverage for different risks associated with such business models. Systems are prone to failure and various other events can result in losses, damages, or injury, forcing your company to compensate the victims. Our team will help you identify all risks and create a reliable management plan that features sufficient coverage for your business.

Cloud Computing Services


Most cloud computing businesses overlook the importance of adequate insurance and risk management when delivering computer systems over the Internet. This often results in major blows when the company is forced to pay massive compensation for risks that can be avoided through strategic assessment and management. We offer customized coverage for all cloud computing services, including servers and storage, networking, database, software, intelligence and analytics, among others.

Data Centers


Being trusted with consumer data and information comes with significant liabilities. For data companies, the challenge is to ensure all data stored in their servers are safe and secure from unauthorized access. Preserving data integrity and ensuring 100% privacy also heap more risks to data centers. Our commercial insurance coverage can be customized to suit data companies and insure many other risks.

Internet Service Providers (ISPs)


We offer custom insurance options tailored to all ISP businesses and professionals. ISP providers may be tasked with preserving consumer data integrity and ensuring safe interfaces and environments, which carry various liabilities. Without adequate insurance, you will be open to paying huge compensations if someone suffers a loss or injury connected with your business.

Managed Service Providers (MSPs)


If you manage customer IT infrastructure or other end-user systems, it is important to purchase adequate insurance to cover common liabilities. MSPs use a proactive subscription-based model and liable when their services result in data losses, unauthorized access and damages that arise from the same. We have various plans that cover all the insured risks managed service providers are exposed to and provide custom options to suit your needs.

Wireless & Cellular Providers


Businesses that provide wireless and cellular network services require different insurance coverage, depending on the scope of operations. While providing transmission and communication services, wireless or cellular, your business will be left liable for various losses, damages and injury arising. Our risk management team will help you assess all critical areas to determine the coverage you need. We also offer customized insurance plans to avoid spending more on risks you don't have to cover.

Satellite & Cable TV Providers


Companies and professionals in the satellite and cable TV industry require proper insurance to cover common liabilities. Whether you deal with satellite, fiber, cable, live TV, or on-demand streaming, it is important to evaluate how your business can impact consumers and areas you will be required to compensate. With our experience, we can help you evaluate and manage all risks, providing optimal coverage for the vital areas.

Other Technology & Communication Companies


Communication and other technology companies face various risks that require well-thought solutions. Our risk management services are designed to help you review all crucial coverage points and identify areas where your company would be liable. We also provide custom insurance solutions, so you will be comfortable knowing you have the right insurance coverage.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who Needs Workers Compensation Insurance? 

    Every business does. Many business owners feel that if their employees are independent contractors because they get 1099's instead of W-2's. This does NOT matter.

    What matters is whether they do this type of work for anyone else (like a contractor who has their own insurance, vehicle, and tools), and the issue of control where the employer tells them how and when to do their job. 

  • Do I need warehouse insurance? 

    Whether you need warehouse insurance ultimately depends on your business's ability to recover from financial loss. You can do a fast self-diagnostic by asking yourself the following questions: 

    • Can you afford to replace your clients’ lost property? 
    • If a client or prospect is touring your facility and is injured, can you afford their medical bills? 
    • Do you know the exact value of the items you’re storing? 

    If your answer to any of the above is no, then you may consider purchasing insurance for your warehouse. 

  • What insurance does my warehouse need? 

    There are many coverages you can purchase, but there are a few types that can be beneficial for all warehouses.

    • Commercial Property
    • Workers Compensation
    • General Liability
    • Commercial Auto
    • Inland Marine
  • What does winery insurance cover?

    An winery insurance policy most commonly covers property, specifically processing buildings, warehouses, tasting rooms, and offices.

  • What kind of insurance does my property management company need?

    Your policy will vary depending on the services you provide and whether you're purchasing insurance for yourself or your business. Potential coverages you should consider may include:

    • Professional Liability/Errors & Omissions
    • Cyber Liability
    • Commercial Liability 
    • Business Auto
    • Hired & Non-Owned Auto
    • Workers Compensation
  • What types of insurance do water well drillers need?
    The exact insurance you purchase depends on your needs. Not every water well drilling business is the same, meaning no two water well drilling business insurance policies will be the same. However, there are general coverages any well-drilling company should consider.
  • Is the drilling equipment on my truck covered under my auto policy?
    Unfortunately, many tools and equipment located on your truck are not covered under your commercial auto policy. As a good rule of thumb, your commercial auto insurance won't cover anything that's not bolted down to the vehicle but it still needs to be listed properly. To adequately protect your tools while they're in your car, you'll want inland marine coverage. As mentioned above, inland marine insurance covers business property that can be moved or transported.
  • What is Workers Compensation Insurance? 
    Workers compensation insurance provides coverage for medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, and lost wages for employees who are injured or become ill at work. This coverage is required by most states and can be the most expensive line of insurance for most employers. 
  • What is an e-Mod factor? 
    An e-Mod factor is a rating number that is calculated based upon your workers compensation premiums and workers compensation claims payments and is designed to show what risk level your company is based on similar companies in your industry and location. There are many factors that are gathered and used in the calculation of this factor, but the two specific factors that a business owner or executive can manage and affect are the workers compensation premium and the workers compensation claims payments.  Costs of Workers Comp Claims  An effective risk management program goes beyond simply purchasing an insurance policy and paying an annual premium. No matter the size of your organization, there are steps you can take to improve the safety of your employees and take control of costs.  According to the National Safety Council, the average cost of workers compensation claims is $40,051. In addition to the medical costs, wage replacement, and indirect costs associated with a claim, there is also the negative impact that a claim can have on a company's experience modification (or e-mod) which can significantly increase workers compensation insurance rates for the next three years. 
  • Do you think you might need Workers' Compensation Insurance?
    Workers' compensation is a form of insurance providing wage replacement and medical benefits to employees injured in the course of employment. Workers' comp insurance is required by law in almost every state. Workers' comp laws are designed to ensure payment by employers for some part of the cost of injuries, or in some cases, of occupational diseases, received by employees in the course of their work.
  • What is warehouse legal liability insurance? 
    Warehouse legal liability insurance also known as warehousemen's legal liability or warehouse operators legal liability insurance  is a special type of liability insurance that safeguards against inventory loss and property damage due to employee negligence or lack of facility maintenance. 
  • How much does well-drilling insurance cost?
    Earlier, we mentioned that no one well drilling contractor insurance policy looks like another. The same can be said for your premium as well. Because there's so much variation between well-drilling businesses, there's no precise estimate you can expect for your premium. However, we can tell you what factors can influence your premiums.
  • How much does used car dealership insurance cost?
    You run a unique business with a lot of different factors affecting your premiums.
  • Is product liability insurance included in general liability policies?
    In many cases, you can get product liability insurance as part of your commercial general liability insurance policy. CGL policies apply to numerous injury and property damage risks associated with the business, not just product liability coverage. Often, you'll be able to get the general liability coverage as part of your business owners policy (BOP) or commercial policy package (CPP).
  • Do I need used car dealership insurance?
    In all fifty states, you are required to have a surety bond before you can even obtain your used car dealership license. The required amount varies from state to state, but the need for a surety bond does not change.
  • What is covered by errors and omissions insurance?
    Some risks where your professional liability insurance can cover any legal or associated costs include: Wrongful or negligent eviction Discrimination claim Faulty maintenance done by you Break of contract Failure to protect property Subcontractor errors
  • What is product liability coverage?
    Every manufacturer, in every industry, makes products that could run the risks of harming others.
  • How much does property management insurance cost?
    On average, smaller property management companies pay $395 a year for basic insurance coverage. This estimate increases when you add in property managers liability insurance. Other factors that affect the cost of property management insurance are: The amount of coverage you have Business size Business location Claims history Number of employees
  • What is the cost of product liability insurance?
    Your policy's premiums will vary considerably, based on numerous risk factors. However, an insurance premium is always going to be less costly than a product liability lawsuit for a company that has no coverage. That's why you should always carry this policy, no matter how big or small your business.
  • Are you protected against all medical recall costs?
    Product recall is one of the leading risk exposures to pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies. It is of critical importance to understand and correctly insure these risks. Our product recall policies are designed to increase financial protection to these industries. Our Solution The financial impact of a product recall in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries can be significant. Our solutions are designed to protect your company and your bottom line. Our solutions include: Insurance coverage designed to better protect you and your supply chain vendors. Timely and actionable intelligence and support services through our strategic partner network. Expedited claim payments, legal advice for contractual risk transfer, quality control, and other services.