Dairy Insurance Program
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Our Dairy Insurance Program is broad policy form tailored to fit your needs.

Dairy Insurance Program

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What You Need to Know About Dairy Insurance Program

Broad Insurance Coverage from Cow to Carton to Consumer

Our program has been designed to protect companies in the dairy industry from many types of loss not typically covered under most insurance policies sold to your industry. The scope of insurance coverage is broad and includes protection for much of the risk your customers required you to assume when you signed their standard vendor supply agreements. The program fits fluid and powdered milk, cheese, ice cream, yogurt, sour cream, cottage cheese and other dairy processors and all distributors.

What Are The Key Benefits of Our Dairy Insurance Program?

  • Satisfies most of the risk transfer you accepted in your customer’s vendor supply agreements
  • A competitively priced approach to insuring your risk
  • Broad policy form tailored to fit your needs
  • Ability to “buy down” retentions
  • Enhancements available for organic products
  • Can structure policy as working insurance or as balance sheet protection
  • Keeps your customers happy in event of a product recall loss

Dairy Insurance Coverages

  • Replacement of inventory lost to contamination
  • Your product withdraw costs
  • Your product recall costs
  • Your expenses from product tampering and extortion
  • Recall costs resulting from mislabeling
  • Your expenses to rehabilitate your brand following a covered loss
  • Your business income loss following a covered loss
  • Coverage for rejected imported meat products
  • Worldwide transit and storage of inventory
  • Spoilage insured to full value Your exposure to content used in private labeling
  • Offered at low premiums and low deductibles

What You Need to Know About Dairy Revenue Protection

Protect your dairy revenue against unexpected declines in milk prices and production with the Dairy Revenue Protection Program.

What Are The Covered Dairy Insurance Risks?

The Dairy Revenue Protection Program (DRP) is designed to help dairy farmers address some of the biggest risks they have in their operations, particularly milk price and production variability. This program protects against unexpected declines in quarterly revenue from milk sales due to unexpected declines in milk prices and/or milk production.

How Does Dairy Insurance Work?

Local coverage can be purchased on a quarterly basis – the policy can be purchased for one quarter, or a strip of quarters, up to five quarters out. The cost of the policy will depend on the expected risk in the market as well as parameters selected by the farmer. There is a premium discount or subsidy from the USDA based on the coverage level selected.

Claims Payments

Farmers will be paid a policy indemnity at the end of the covered quarter if the state-indexed actual revenue is below the revenue guarantee stated on the policy. This revenue guarantee is based on future milk prices, expected production, and market-implied risk. The revenue guarantee is determined at the time the policy is purchased by the farmer. If the state-indexed actual revenue is above the revenue guarantee, the farmer only pays the policy premium.

DRP is approved for sale in all 50 states. This is a great alternative to the current Dairy Margin Protection Policy (MPP).

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is farm liability coverage? 

    Farm liability coverage is different from general liability coverage, even though they sound very similar.

    General liability is just that, general. Farm liability can be broken down further into more specific coverages.

    Here are a few types of specific liability policies available for different agricultural industries. 

    • Farmers Market/Roadside Stand
    • Agritourism/Agritainment
    • Equine Operations
    • Farm & Agricultural Pollution
    • Seedmen's Error & Omissions
  • What is farm insurance? 
    Farm insurance is a specialized form of agribusiness insurance that provides you dual coverage by protecting your home and operation. Policies differ, but like agribusiness insurance, the four main areas of coverage include:  Home and contents (detached garages, other personal use buildings)  Farm and ranch personal property (livestock, feed, machinery, equipment)  Farm and ranch structures  Business and personal liability coverage 
  • What kind of insurance do farmers and ranchers need? 

    The exact coverage you need will vary based on your business's operations. However, some types of insurance can benefit almost every agriculture business.

    • General Liability Protects your company from claims of bodily injury, property damage, product damage, and more.
    • Commercial Auto Even if you use a personal vehicle for work, a personal auto insurance policy doesn't cover the car while it's being used for work purposes. 
    • Property  Offers protection for commercial structures, business personal property, and machinery. 
    • Theft and Crime Crime-related losses aren't usually covered by your property insurance and require their own unique coverage. 
    • Workers Compensation If any employees are injured or become ill on the job, this insurance can cover the payment of their medical expenses, lost wages, and rehabilitation costs. 
    • Inland Marine You can protect stored products or equipment in an off-site location, mobile irrigation systems, and products you are transporting with inland marine insurance.  
  • Is there anything agribusiness insurance doesn't cover? 
    As with any standard insurance policy, there are specific exclusions and exceptions. One of the most notable exclusions people often don't know about is fencing. In a basic agribusiness policy, the fencing on your property is excluded. However, if you rely on your fencing to keep your daily operations organized and running smoothly, you can find special riders and policy extensions that add fence coverage.  
  • What is agribusiness insurance? 

    Agribusiness insurance is insurance for any agriculture-associated business. There are a variety of policy types because agribusiness is a large field that includes many diverse industries. Some of these industries include: 

    • Commercial Farms
    • Family Farms and Ranches
    • Vineyards
    • Dairies
    • Orchards
    • Wholesale Nurseries
    • Cotton Growers
    • Pumpkin Patches
    • Stables 

    Your agribusiness policy will be completely unique to you, based on what your company produces and what your needs and risks are. 

  • What does agribusiness insurance cover? 

    Agribusiness insurance covers a broad spectrum of risks   as long as it relates to your agriculture business. However, you can break down the available coverages into four easier-to-understand categories.

    • Your home and its contents
    • Farm personal property
    • Farm structures 
    • Liability protection