What Are the Most Dangerous Vehicles to Drive (and Expensive to Insure)

May 6, 2019

Blog What Are the Most Dangerous Vehicles to Drive (and Expensive to Insure)

Are you planning to start shopping for a new car? If so, it may be time to choose a car that really fits your lifestyle and gives you a few extras to enjoy. Do not forget to consider auto insurance. You may be able to afford the payment on your new car, but are you able to cover the insurance costs, too?

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Take a look at a few key factors that impact how much you pay to insure your car.

Which Cars Cost More to Insure?

Auto insurance companies look at many factors to determine how much coverage you need. They then pin the cost for coverage on your specific needs here. In many cases, they look at how drivers operate these vehicles. If the car is a high risk for accidents, perhaps by being a dangerous car, they are going to charge more. If the vehicle has a record of drivers operating it at above-average speeds, that can also increase the cost.

Which Cars Are Most Risky?

What makes a vehicle dangerous? Everyone may have their own opinion of this. A variety of data points from insurance companies can shed some light on what types of vehicles are the most dangerous to operate. Here are some indicators to consider.

  • How fast the vehicle accelerates and its top speed
  • The type of safety mechanisms built into the car
  • The conditions in which the vehicle operates, such as off-roading
  • The size of the vehicle and its weight
  • The style of vehicle-based on the way other drivers operate it

No matter how safe you may be, these factors may impact your ability to find affordable car insurance. Alongside this, many of these larger and fast vehicles are also some of the most expensive to buy. That makes them even more of a risk for insurers, increasing costs.

Some of those vehicles may include brands such as Tesla, Mercedes-Benzes, Audi, BMW, Porsche and Ford Mustangs. However, every car is unique, and every insurance company takes that into consideration. You should not avoid buying the car of your dreams because of just this.

Talk to your car insurance agent at(888) 513-8784 about the car you plan to buy. He or she can give you a basic estimate of the insurance cost associated with it. That can give you the confidence to know whether you should buy this vehicle.