Flanigan Leavitt Insurance Gives Back

Written by Michael Flanigan—Agency Co-Owner

December 17, 2020 · Personal Lines

Blog Flanigan Leavitt Insurance Gives Back

Our staff members are dedicated to our local communities. These are a few of the ways we like to give back.

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September 2019

Photo from a community supper hosted by staff of Flangan-Leavitt Insurance.


November 2017

Photo is from our 2017 Thanksgiving Potluck where all of the Quincy office family was able to attend.


September 2016

Flanigan-Leavitt serves the Quincy Community Supper on the 14th year anniversary of the Methodist Church. Thank you to the help of our staff - Mike Flanigan, Valerie Flanigan, Mara Beatty, Amanda Hays, Christine Kaumans and Brandon Sheridan. Over 200 warm meals were served.