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We are more than just an insurance agency. We are passionate about being part of the community.

Building an agency of trust.

After helping his father build a small-town insurance office in Taylor, Arizona, Monti Hancock took over the reins in 2006 and joined Leavitt Group. Leavitt Group is a large, family-based insurance organization that provides strength similar to national insurance companies, but with the local and personal attention that clients need and deserve. Monti's agency has continued to grow on the principle of treating each client like family and friends. He and his staff enjoy getting to know and have great respect for each of their clients.

We love where we live!

We love the communities where we live and serve. We enjoy the great outdoors and consider ourselves lucky to live where lots of folks come to vacation. Hunting, hiking, and hitting the slopes are how many of us spend the weekends. High quality musical and theatrical performances by local and visiting talent, bring some variety and culture that we all appreciate and enjoy.

We support our community and youth.

Living in a rural area, we have all had a time or two when we needed a helping hand—we do all we can to return the favor. Volunteering, sponsoring and actively participating in public school and local church programs are a big part of how we give back. We love to cheer on the youth of our community. We are actively involved in supporting our kids and yours, as they play sports, raise 4H animals, and develop musical and artistic talents.

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Our Staff

Monti Hancock

Monti Hancock

Monti is the owner of Hancock-Leavitt Insurance Agency. He loves working with the local community and protecting their personal and commercial assets. Monti enjoys high school football and is a volunteer announcer for Mogollon High School.

Josh Raban

Josh Raban

Josh is an insurance agent for Hancock-Leavitt. He first worked as an intern at Leavitt Group while attending SUU in 2006. After graduation he took a producer position at Hancock-Leavitt. Josh enjoys spending time with his family, camping, boating, and playing sports.

Tammy Matthews

Tammy Matthews

Tammy Matthews is a customer service representative for Hancock-Leavitt. She focuses on commercial lines insurance. She has been with Hancock-Leavitt for the past 17 years. Tammy lives in Snowflake, AZ with her husband and three boys.

Georgia Lighthart

Georgia Lighthart

Georgia is a customer service representative specializing in personal and commercial lines insurance. She has worked at Hancock-Leavitt for the past 8 years. Georgia loves spending time with family in the outdoors on their small ranch. She also loves NASCAR.

Brylee Kay

Brylee Kay

Brylee is a personal lines insurance agent for Hancock-Leavitt. Prior to her employment with Hancock-Leavitt, she attended Mesa Community College where she played softball. Brylee loves watching and playing sports, trying new things, and spending time with her family.

Dawn Lippard

Dawn Lippard

Dawn is a personal lines insurance agent for Hancock-Leavitt. Prior to her employment with Hancock-Leavitt, she worked in bookkeeping and administration in the fields of construction, private business, and the court and school systems.

About Leavitt Group

Icon Relationships
Long-Term Relationships

We work to develop lasting client relationships. As a privately-held firm, we have the flexibility to make long-term decisions with you. Our performance is not judged by Wall Street every quarter, but rather by the quality of relationships we maintain.

Icon Experience
Experience And Resources

As the 12th largest privately-held insurance brokerage in the nation*, we bring you the national resources, experience, problem-solving skills, and key insurance company and underwriting relationships that will result in an effective risk management and employee benefits strategy.

Icon Success
A Greater Commitment To Your Success

As a result of our local managing co-owner and on-the-ground decision makers, our interest in your success results in a greater level of service and commitment to your business. We match solutions to your needs and geography.

Icon Integrity

We believe in operating with complete integrity and transparency. We have a long history based on this principle, and it is a vital part of our culture. As we bring people into our organization, we look for those who share our values, thus fostering relationships based on trust—for employees, insurance companies, and clients.

*According to Insurance Journal, August 2019 issue.

History of Leavitt Group

leavitt group history

From the beginning, Leavitt Group has been built on a foundation of trusted co-owners with local insights and experience. This core value has remained central to Leavitt Group as it grew from one agency into one of the largest insurance brokerages in the United States.

Our Foundation

In 1952, Dixie Leavitt opened an insurance agency in Cedar City, Utah, with one company appointment and no clients. By the decade’s end, Dixie had thousands of clients throughout southwestern Utah and southern Nevada.

Our Growth

When Dixie Leavitt and his brother, Bert, incorporated Leavitt Insurance Agency of Las Vegas in 1959, Dixie owned 60% and Bert owned 40%. Using this 60-40 arrangement, Dixie and other co-owners invested in and created agencies in Utah, Arizona, and Nevada. Dixie formed Leavitt Group Enterprises in 1962.

Dixie built Leavitt Group on a foundation of able and trusted co-owners. He recognized that each agency should have nurturing insurer relationships, autonomy in staffing, and increasing sales and profits with which to build an adequate capital base.

As the number and size of affiliated agencies grew, the potential of strength in numbers became apparent. In 1978, the group formed Leavitt Group Agency Association (LGAA), providing member agencies with the multi-agency strength necessary to maintain insurer relationships, to offer placement services, to provide employee benefits, and to support other group-wide services, such as E&O coverage, accounting, IT, data management, marketing, and other key supporting activities.

Since its early beginning in 1952, Leavitt Group has grown into one of the largest independent brokers in the United States. Since 1989, consolidated revenues have climbed from $8 million to $250 million. Throughout this period of growth and success, agency profitability ratios have remained well above industry averages.

Our Future

Leavitt Group continues to expand into new areas and various market segments—from agencies serving in smaller communities to large agencies serving complex corporate accounts. Leavitt Group recruits qualified insurance professionals and affiliates with agencies who share the same foundational values based on integrity.

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