Community Involvement

We believe in supporting our local non-profit organizations that make other people's lives better.

Silver Creek Performing Arts

We support the Silver Creek Performing Arts. Their mission is to provide the highest quality cultural experiences and opportunities for our community at an affordable price. We get the best of both worlds, small town comfort alongside big city entertainment, all thanks to the efforts of the Silver Creek Performing Arts.

4th of July Taylor Rodeo

Monti Hancock

Almost everyone who loves rodeo in Arizona has heard of the 4th of July Taylor Rodeo. This event has taken place in Taylor since 1956 and is one of the most loved events in our community. Monti Hancock, with the help of members of our staff, supports the Taylor Rodeo Committee coordinate this event.

Photo: In his youth, Monti Hancock was a champion barrel racer.

Taylor Sweet Corn Festival

The Fall harvest of Taylor farmers' primary crop of sweet corn brings about this beloved community event. Good food, good fun, and good friends bring people from all around to enjoy the crisp fall air and sweet, juicy corn. We sponsor and support our local farmers.

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Monti Hancock

Monti Hancock

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