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The Leavitt Group Advantage

Insurance Priority Leavitt Group

Your success is our priority

You deserve an advisor who values relationships, integrity, and the ability to solve problems. Your total cost of risk affects your profitability. We believe that creative solutions will improve your business, and we believe that you deserve the best.

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We help you succeed by:


Efficiency is our goal. We are constantly seeking the best and latest tools to cater to our clients.


We are highly involved and closely connected to our clients and their passions. Fostering relationships based on trust.


We have a driven focus to do what we can, to better our clients and their companies.


We promise an undiminished commitment to honesty and moral character. No compromises.


The result for you:

Leavitt Group Insurance Broker
  • Excellent terms and conditions that are customized for you.

  • High accessibility to your risk management and employee benefits agents.

  • Insurance advisors you trust.

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