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Our Approach to the Energy Industry's Risks

We are proud to give our clients access to the “Energi” insurance program. This unique product is designed specifically for the energy industry and not widely available to all brokers.

In addition to our program coverages, we employ loss control professionals who develop strategies to reduce losses with on-site consultations—our S.A.F.E.R. program formalizes your loss prevention strategy. We also have a team dedicated to claims mitigation, which means claims close faster, your experience modifier is more accurate, and you receive unit stat filing reviews.

S.A.F.E.R. - Safety Awareness for Energy Risks

Our unique risk management program is designed specifically for energy-related risks. This comprehensive plan provides step-by-step guidance to implement turn-key safety solutions.

  • Strategic safety plan

    We help you create an initial safety blueprint that identifies your needs and establishes goals. To maximize support, this plan is developed with significant input from you and your executive leadership team.

  • Behavior-based safety coaching

    This critical element of the safety program provides positive coaching moments that identify and change behavior through relationship-driven management.

  • Customized safety materials

    All materials are branded with your logo and customized to the specific needs of your company.

  • Reduce workers compensation claims by 60 percent

    This program, piloted with a national C-Store chain, has a documented reduction of workers compensation claims of 60 to 90 percent per store.

  • Integrated with our real-time stewardship tracking

    Our safety program can be implemented in conjunction with our online client service timeline to effectively track progress.

About the "Energi" Program

Energy companies developed this insurance program specifically for the energy industry. The program's proven success stems from superior risk selection, comprehensive safety and loss prevention, and aggressive claims management. The program is underwritten by Rated "A" carriers and utilizes a pool of Best Practice operators, providing customized risk management solutions for this industry segment.

Petroleum-related claims are unique and require a focused response. With the Energi program, petroleum claims are handled by dedicated claims agents. Clients have peace of mind knowing that their claim is being handled by a professional who has the training and experience to adjust claims.

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