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What is excavator contractor’s insurance?

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Just like the name implies, excavator contractor’s insurance is a type of business insurance for excavators. The specifics of each policy vary based on differences between each contractor, but they all serve the same purpose — protecting excavation contractors from the unique industry risks they face.

Coverage Tailored for Excavation Contractors

Heavy Equipment Coverage: Heavy equipment, like backhoes, cranes, and loaders, often require their own specialized coverage. They may be similar to a car in that they move, transport things, and have an engine, but the risks associated with heavy equipment are vastly different from risks associated with normal vehicles.

Contractors E&O: Protects you if you’re accused making a mistake that costs your client money. It can cover legal defense costs, legal judgments, and actual or alleged professional negligence.

Other Beneficial Business Coverages

Workers Compensation: provides coverage for medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, and lost wages for employees who are injured or become ill at work.

General Liability: covers the cost of property damage or bodily injury that occurs on your business property or as a result of your products, services, or advertising.

Commercial Auto: provides valuable protection for your company-owned vehicles, leased or rented vehicles, and your employees’ vehicles used for business purposes.

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