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The Leavitt Group's Clinic Advantage program was designed specifically for CPCA members.

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Scalable, Customizable Solutions for Each Situation

These can be purchased as stand-alone products or can be brought together immediately as an integrated comprehensive solution.

  • Workers Compensation
  • Malpractice
  • HR Consulting Services
  • Retirement Plans
  • Management Liability
  • General Liability and Auto
  • Employee Benefits
  • Wellness

Risk Management and Wellness Advantage

Now you can provide a comprehensive risk management and wellness program for your employees--while on the job or off. Our group of integrated insurance coverages are designed to benefit employees while protecting non-profit health care firms from liability losses. This program can help lower your overall costs and allow you to focus on providing health care to those who need it.

Workers Compensation Advantage

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Program Highlights

  • Guaranteed cost premiums and dividends are available.
  • Preferred rates based on "non-profit health care" experience.
  • Loss prevention and safety programs designed by non-profit health care professionals.
  • Claims are handled by adjusters that only handle non-profit health care employee claims.

How to Participate and Qualify

  • Show a management commitment to safety and a proactive approach to employee wellness.
  • Have a commitment to bring injured employees back to work when appropriate.
  • Supply five years of currently valued loss data and a copy of your current workers compensation policy.
  • Pass a Loss Control Inspection and Risk Assessment inquiry. Your Leavitt Group representative will work with you to improve your probability.

Fees may apply

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Mark Lund

Mark Lund
Industry Programs & Commercial Insurance

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