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What You Need to Know About Zipline Insurance

What is zipline insurance?

You may have heard zipline insurance be called aerial park insurance. Regardless of what you call it, both insurances offer coverage tailored to fit your zipline business’s needs.

As a zipline owner and operator, you offer visitors exciting thrills and beautiful scenic views. You’re great at what you do and take all precautions necessary, but accidents can always happen.

What insurance does my zipline park need?

The exact coverage you need will vary based on your aerial park’s operations. However, some types of insurance can benefit almost every zipline business.

  • General Liability – Protects your company against bodily injuries, property damage, product damage, and more.
  • Property Insurance – In case of a catastrophe like fire, explosion, theft, or vandalism, property insurance helps cover your costs.
  • Workers Compensation – If any employees are injured or become ill on the job, this insurance can cover the payment of their medical expenses, lost wages, and rehabilitation costs.
  • Commercial Auto – Even if you use a personal vehicle for work, a personal auto insurance policy doesn’t cover the car while used for work purposes.
  • Professional Liability – As a zipline operator, you’re responsible for providing a safe experience. If you or another operator make an error and an accident occurs, professional liability can cover the legal costs that may follow.
  • UTV Insurance – If you use a UTV to transport guests to the top of your zipline, UTV insurance is a must. Commercial auto policies do not cover utility terrain vehicles.

How much does zipline insurance cost?

Every zipline insurance policy is unique, meaning every policy premium will also be unique. Because there’s so much variation between ziplining businesses, there’s no precise estimate for your premium. However, we can tell you what factors may influence how much you pay.

  • Your business’s location
  • Business operations
  • Claims history
  • Size of your business
  • Number of employees
  • Your chosen deductible
  • The amount of coverage you choose

No matter the size of your business or the services you provide, we will ensure your business has the right coverage for your needs.

Safety tips for aerial courses and zipline facilities.

Many people are concerned with their insurance premium costs—with good reason. One potential option for reducing your zipline insurance premium is decreasing your safety risks. Here are some tips to strengthen your risk management strategies:

  • Set all the zipline course’s supports in concrete.
  • Use roller guards on ziplines to prevent hand injuries.
  • Keep customers tethered the entire time they are off the ground.
  • Document all your regular zipline inspections.
  • Keep an eye on cable tension and adjust it as needed.
  • Ensure all harnesses and brake padding show little to no signs of wear and tear.
  • Replace cables every so often, per your manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Give visitors a safety lesson before they do any climbing or ziplining.
  • Fully train all course guides to fit and inspect equipment, inspect the course, and quickly evacuate the course.
  • Require all employees to be certified in CPR.
  • Post height and weight requirements visibly and always adhere to them.

How to get zipline insurance?

Zipline insurance is a bit difficult to find at the moment. Some aerial parks and zipline courses have faced unexpected non-renewals at the end of their policy term, and others have been dropped after just a couple of claims.

One challenging aspect of finding zipline insurance is the limited number of carriers. Ziplines are inherently risky, making insuring them a risk for insurers. This is why working with an independent broker is one of the best ways to purchase zipline insurance.

Brokers like me have established relationships with companies that offer zipline and aerial park insurance, and we know how to show off your company in the best light possible.

You’ve worked hard to build your ziplining business. The next step is to protect it. I’m happy to help you identify your needs and provide solutions to protect them.

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