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Do I need hunting insurance?

September 10, 2019 · Hunt / Lease Insurance, Commercial Lines

Fall is upon us and it is the beginning of football season and hunting season. The feeling of being in your hunting stand surrounded by the peace and quiet of the outdoors is only rivaled by the excitement of spotting that first big buck. With your adrenaline, pumping the last thing on your mind is whether your insurance would cover you in case things go awry and you injure yourself or someone else. The question is: do you know the liability involved for both you and the landowner of the property you are hunting on?

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The Landowner: This person owns the land and offers it for hunting for a fee or as a guest.

The Hunter: This could be the landowner, a guest of the landowner, or a person paying the landowner to hunt the property.

As a landowner, they need to make sure they are properly insured. Standard homeowner’s insurance policy covers the landowner if they are hunting on their own property from injury and damage to others. Usually the homeowner’s insurance policy will also cover guest invited by the landowner, but things change once the landowner allows someone to hunt on the land for a fee.

Hunting Insurance: This is usually called Hunt Club Insurance. This type of insurance is for landowners, hunt clubs, members and guest. Hunt club insurance protects you from occurrences arising out of hunting activities & operations and protects its members & guest. Hunting liability insurance includes coverage for:

  • Guest Liability coverage
  • Medical Expenses – coverage for accidents related to liability
  • Premises Liability
  • Member to member coverage

Landowner’s have the duty to protect their assets from risk associated with land ownership and claims made against them by guest or trespassers. The biggest risk a landowner can take is assuming their homeowner’s insurance policy covers them for any and all liability risk resulting from hunting accidents. If you are a landowner and allowing anyone to hunt on your land, it is still a good idea to have hunting insurance.

Hunting carries serious risk and liabilities that hunters and landowners have to address before a hunt takes place. If you are the landowner and have questions about what your homeowners policy covers talk to your insurance agent. If you are the hunter, hut club or landowner leasing your land you need to purchase a policy that covers hunter’s liability.

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