Blog Does a driver with a learner's permit need car insurance?

Does a driver with a learner's permit need car insurance?

Written by Beth Maggio—Administrative Assistant

July 10, 2019 · Personal Lines, Car Insurance

Learner’s permits are driving permits given to teenage drivers before they become fully licensed. A permitted driver is allowed to practice driving in order to be ready for their driving road test. A driver with a learner’s permit needs to be insured when they are on the road.

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Learner’s Permit Insurance Policies

In most cases you do not need to apply for your own car insurance policy, the person sitting in the car with you while you are driving will most likely have you covered under their car insurance policy. In most cases, the car insurance follows the car not the driver. So if you are driving your parents’ car you will be insured under their car insurance policy.

You Should Notify Your Car Insurance Company of a Permitted Driver

Depending on your car insurance company and where you live, the rules regarding adding a permitted driver vary. Most car insurance companies allow the permitted driver to be covered under the parent’s policy as long as the parent is driving with him or her. The permitted driver does not need their own policy as long as they are driving a car that is insured by the parent.

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