Does car insurance cover cracked windshields?

September 29, 2019 · Car Insurance, Personal Lines

Blog Does car insurance cover cracked windshields?

Just about everybody experiences a cracked windshield. You are driving along enjoying a beautiful day, maybe listening to the radio, singing along, and then you hear the ping of the rock hitting the windshield. You need to get if fixed, now you wonder, does my car insurance cover windshield cracks?

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It is just a tiny crack but tiny cracks rarely stay tiny. You need to get it fixed. The good news is if you carry comprehensive coverage on that vehicle, it should cover glass repair or glass replacement. Depending on your policy windshield repair should not cost you anything.

You should check with your agent before filing a claim to determine your deductible. If the cost to repair or replace the windshield is less than or just slightly over your deductible, you may not want to file a claim.

You need to consider how filing a claim will affect your rates. In most cases, a windshield repair will not impact your auto rate, unless you have made a few claim. Check with your insurance agent to get the details of your policy.

If you determine that your windshield damage is covered under your automobile policy, your next step is to contact your insurance agent to start the claims process. Depending on your insurance company, you may be able to file the claim online or with a mobile app.

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