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We asked our client partners why they do business with us, and our experience and problem-solving skills were among the top responses.* We would love the opportunity to problem-solve for you.
*As reported by clients through client surveys taken in February of 2012

Dwayne Speegle

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Dwayne Speegle—Business Services Advisor

Creative Solutions For Businesses in Idaho

Experience and perspective count when it comes to managing your risk with business insurance. Your company faces certain risks, some of which are unique. You deserve a trusted, consultative advisor who will actively listen to and understand your concerns. Your Leavitt Group advisor will match and adapt risk management strategies to your situation through a total cost of risk approach. You benefit from having a partner who will seek to truly understand your business and then collaboratively develop a plan to reduce both direct and indirect costs. General liability is an excellent option.

Ability to Secure Excellent Terms and Conditions

You need an advisor who understands how important the total cost of risk can be to your success. That is why we use our knowledge of your business, our experience, and strong insurance company representation to develop the risk management strategy that fits your business and safeguards your bottom line. You are involved in all key relationships that affect the terms of your policy, with the underwriter relationship being a key, but often overlooked, part of the equation:

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How We Will Help You

Your customized plan begins with an extensive risk management assessment:

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  • Risk Identification:

    Inventory of threats facing your organization

  • Risk Analysis:

    Detailed examination of exposures vs. historical loss data, with the goal of identifying patterns, loss drivers, and causation

  • Risk Control:

    Specific strategies to avoid, prevent, and reduce exposure to loss

  • Involve Underwriters:

    Underwriters understand your business and risk control strategies, improving negotiations

  • Risk Financing:

    Options for retention and transfer of risk

  • Risk Administration:

    Ongoing evaluation of your program

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Dwayne Speegle

Dwayne Speegle
Business Services Professional

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