Insurance Advisors

Becoming an insurance advisor with Leavitt Group could be the best career decision you’ll ever make.

  • Portrait of Erika Ensign

    “The thing that initially attracted me to Leavitt was they’re able to provide the resources and support to continue to help me create a bigger impact and create more of a ripple effect.”

    Erika Ensign
    Senior Employee Benefits Consultant, Risk Services of Louisiana

  • Portrait of Blake Hollman

    “The opportunity to get into insurance has provided me and my family with opportunities, the flexible schedule and financial opportunities, that I always hoped I would have.”

    Blake Hollman
    Account Executive, Leavitt Group of Northern Arizona

  • Portrait of Martin Chavez

    “I’ve been in insurance now for 15 years and there’s a lot of things you could do, but there’s very few things that fulfill you the way insurance does.”

    Martin Chavez
    Account Executive, Leavitt United Insurance

  • Portrait of Alyce Hillman

    “From the day I joined Leavitt Group, I had champions who looked for opportunities for me to learn new things.

    Leavitt not only encourages this champion culture, but they also create connections every chance they get. Most of my lifelong friends I've met through Leavitt Group. This company created a life bigger and better than I ever imagined for myself, and I am very grateful.”

    Alyce Hillman
    Agency Co-Owner, Archibald Insurance Center

  • Portrait of Kevin Byington

    “With all the different programs they have and access to training, marketing ideas, and other agents. It makes it fun. And when it’s fun, you just want to do it.”

    Kevin Byington
    Account Executive, Sloan-Leavitt Insurance

  • Portrait of Chris Duncan

    “For me, insurance is the best career. No other career has this much work-life blend. I work with people I enjoy being around, I work on accounts that bring me joy, and I know that I can help people on a day-to-day basis.”

    Chris Duncan
    Agency Co-Owner, Farmer Woods Group

  • Portrait of Joe Ellis

    “I love the culture at Leavitt Group and especially my agency because it’s genuine, it’s authentic, and there’s professionalism there.”

    Joe Ellis
    Account Executive, Dixie Leavitt Agency

Right for you

Achieve the long-term dream

Work-life balance is a main component of Leavitt Group’s culture—not just a tagline on a poster. Successful insurance advisors earn the ability to have a great life outside of work.

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Get your piece of the pie

Ownership is one of the best rewards and motivators. Leavitt Group insurance advisors earn equity in their own books of business and the best performers are given the opportunity to own equity within the agency.

Incentivizing the short-term

We know sales culture makes all the difference. When you feel supported and get your first wins, you’ll feel the rush of success. Sales contests like “The Game” and our annual Circles of Excellence trip create a healthy spirit of fun competition.

Trip Attendees
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The Game

The game is a lighthearted and fun sales competition that is sponsored by our carrier partners. Leavitt Group producers across the country are paired in teams to win cash and other rewards.

The Game Awards
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Producer Bonus Trips

We understand the hard work and sacrifice it takes to be a successful producer. To acknowledge our appreciation, we send our top performers on an annual trip to destinations across the globe.

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Right for you

Our Sales Development Approach

Unlike other sales jobs, we invest in your long-term career success.

Producer School Collage

Get paid

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Offer Compensation Model

We know you need to pay the bills while you get things started. So we provide a salary + new business compensation that renews. (Renewal income year 2)


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Get Licensed
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Begin Mentorship
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Producer School
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Monthly sales coaching calls

Access an arsenal of tools
  • Lead Generation Tools
  • Insurance Management Software
  • CRM
  • Marketing Resources


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Develop personal business plan
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Sales competitions

Prizes for sales and cold calling numbers

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Circle of Excellence Bonus Trips
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Your long-term success

We look out for you from the beginning of your career to the
day you decide to retire. We are in this together.

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Ready to get the conversation started?

We’re excited to talk to you about your future. We believe in successful short-term gains and long-term legacy. If you’re determined to succeed and willing to work for it, we’ll give you the opportunity to make it happen.

Team Photo
Rylee Kruger

Rylee Kruger
Director of Sales Talent Acquisition
(530) 957-0883
Connect with Rylee on LinkedIn

I’ve been with Leavitt Group for over four years. I joined because the people I work with make me a better person and put people first in every way from the corporate level to our clients. In my position I connect highly qualified candidates with the right positions at Leavitt Group. My goal is to help exceptional sales professionals find a fulfilling and lucrative career in the insurance industry.

I grew up in Northern California because my dad played professional football for the 49ers. Later, my family and I moved to Utah. I received a scholarship to play volleyball at Southern Utah University (SUU) where I received my bachelor’s degree in strategic communication.

When I am not meeting new people I enjoy staying active in the gym, participating in Cross Fit competitions, cooking & baking up new recipes with my family, and enjoying all the outdoor beauty Utah offers including hiking and snow shoeing with my dog.

DJ Leavitt

DJ Leavitt
Sales Talent Acquisition Partner
(801) 865-1750
Connect with DJ on LinkedIn

I recently graduated from the University of Utah with a bachelor’s degree in strategic communication. During my college life I was able to gain some valuable work experience as an account manager for a medical tech company and as a talent acquisition specialist at Leavitt Group. In my role as a talent acquisition partner I’m focused on finding talented sales individuals to become producers for our agencies across the country.

I love working for Leavitt Group Enterprises. The culture here is unmatched and I feel valued and appreciated as an employee. I feel motivated as well.

My hobbies include working out, sports, hiking (or really anything outdoors), and watching movies. But most importantly, I love spending time with my family.