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Seasoned Producers

We asked some of our top producers why they decided to join the Leavitt Group, and our being a privately-held company and our reputation in the industry received top rankings.

We do have a unique model and culture—it is one that is based on flexibility, it is one that values our managers and producers who are on the ground, it is one that strives to increase producer support and client services rather than reduce them, and it is one that believes in aligning interests and rewarding success.

We believe that our model and supporting resources help our agents better serve clients:

  • The Leavitt Group's team of insurance professionals consists of individuals with a wide range of experience, many of whom are considered regional and national leaders in their respective fields. We foster a collaborative network across all our locations, allowing producers to share their experience.

  • Our professionals and their clients benefit from strong relationships with key insurance carriers, broad market access, as well as valuable operations support.

  • Our professionals leverage the stability of being part of a strong, national brokerage with a proven track record.

  • Our unique model gives co-ownership to the local manager, and we provide ownership opportunities to proven agents. Each agency has a stake in their own success.

The Leavitt Group has all the resources required to compete with any national brokerage, yet maintains the perspective and adaptability of being a privately-held company. We invite you to contact us to find out why the Leavitt Group may have the perfect balance you are looking for in a brokerage. Please email Dale Matthews for more information.

New Producers

Being a producer is a sales career like you've never imagined. Here's why:

  • You receive residual income on accounts that renew their policy with you. This allows you to benefits from your hard work year after year. Most insurance agents renew 90% of their clients on an annual basis. No other sales career will pay residual income on renewal business.

  • You have the opportunity to build a relationship with your clients and become their trusted advisor. Insurance is a critical part of a business's stability and success. It is also essential to the security of families and individuals. Just like an accountant or lawyer, your role is critical.

  • With the Leavitt Group, you will be backed by one of the top independent brokers in the nation. The Leavitt Group has a long history of integrity, broad industry resources, strong company relationships, and supporting services. You will be able to provide customized insurance products and strategies to meet your clients' needs.

New producers entering the field receive in-depth training, including coaching from our national sales directors, on-site mentoring, and opportunities to learn with other new Leavitt Group producers.


The Leavitt Group is proud to support veterans in their transition from military service into civilian careers. We believe the skills veterans have gained through military service can provide substantial value to our organization and clients. These skills are also a major contributing factor to a veteran’s ability to establish a successful career in insurance. We encourage veterans to contact us to learn more about a career with the Leavitt Group. For more information, email Dale Matthews.

University Internships

The Leavitt Group also provides paid university internships in select areas. Often times these internships develop into long-term career opportunities. Interns are able to:

  • Work with professionals in a high performance company
  • Interact with our national sales directors
  • Network with other interns
  • Have coaching by onsite professionals
  • Receive compensation plus performance incentives
  • Earn college credit
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