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As a dude ranch owner, you give your guests a taste of “the simple life.” However, you know creating and protecting that experience isn’t as simple as it seems.

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What is dude ranch insurance?

Just like the name implies, dude ranch insurance is business insurance designed specifically for dude and guest ranches that give guests a taste of what it’s like to be a true “cowboy.” Usually, the experiences they offer last three days or more in some of the most beautiful and remote locations in the country.

What does dude ranch insurance cover?

No one dude ranch insurance policy looks the same, which is a good thing. Your dude ranch is different from all others, and you want your insurance to reflect that. However, all guest ranch insurance policies generally cover the same things.

  • General Liability: Protects your ranch if a guest is injured or your ranch’s operations cause property or product damage and copyright violation. Additionally, your general liability may cover animal bites, which is especially important for you. Check your guest insurance policy and make sure there is no animal bite exclusion.

  • Commercial Property: It’s difficult to create an immersive Old West experience if you don’t have the right property. Commercial property insurance offers a financial safety net if disaster hits and your dude ranch’s property is damaged by fire, weather, or smoke.

  • Mobile Equipment Coverage: Maintaining and upkeep are vital behind-the-scenes aspects of your business, and you can’t do them without the proper equipment: ATVs, Bobcats, lawnmowers, tractors, etc. However, these types of equipment aren’t covered by general liability insurance or commercial auto insurance and require their own type of coverage.

  • Commercial Auto: Do you use trucks or pick-ups to haul and transport things around the ranch property? Even if it’s a personal vehicle, if you’re using it for business purposes, you’ll need it covered with commercial auto insurance. Most personal car policies don’t cover personal vehicles while they’re being used for business.

  • Crime Coverage: Crime on a dude ranch is rare. But it can still happen. Most likely, if you experience any crime or theft, it’ll be due to an employee. While it’s unlikely, it can be crippling. Crime-related losses aren’t usually covered by your property insurance and require their own unique coverage.

  • Workers Compensation: If one of your guest ranch’s employees is injured, this insurance can cover the payment of their medical expenses, lost wages, and rehabilitation costs.

  • Abuse and Molestation: If your non-profit dude ranch works a lot with children or vulnerable adults, this coverage is critical. Lawsuits alleging abuse or molestation can incur substantial costs, including defense fees, settlements, judgments, and more. This coverage helps cover these costs, protecting the financial stability of your business.

If your dude ranch is a non-profit, consider maintaining this more specific insurance coverage.

  • Directors & Officers: This coverage is designed to protect individuals in management roles if they are sued for actions or decisions they have made while running the business. It is liability insurance that provides personal financial protection for company officers and directors as individuals.


Does dude ranch insurance cover my personal property?

If you live on-site at your guest ranch, then good news: dude ranch insurance can cover your personal property along as well! This includes your home, personal belongings, and personal vehicles. You can even add a personal liability endorsement for times when you have personal guests over. Think along the lines of a family reunion or get-together.

You may still be concerned about fully protecting your home and personal belongings with a business insurance policy. That’s okay! If this sounds like you, consider a personal umbrella insurance policy.

A personal umbrella policy provides extra coverage and adds higher limits to your existing personal liability insurance. It helps create a second degree of separation between your personal assets and any legal action you may face.

How much does dude ranch insurance cost?

Remember how no one dude ranch insurance policy looks like another? The same can be said for your premiums as well. Some of the factors that influence your premiums include:

  • Your dude ranch’s location.
  • Claims history.
  • Number of horses.
  • Yearly number of guests.
  • Offered activities (Swimming, ATVs, Horseback Riding, Arena Activities, etc.).
  • Yearly revenue.
  • Wildfire risk.
  • Property value.
  • What age groups are allowed on horses.

If you’re concerned about premiums, there are ways to reduce them. However, the best way to reduce your premiums is risk mitigation. For this very reason, the Dude Ranch Association (DRA) created a horse safety program for dude and guest ranches nationwide. The key elements of the program include:

  • Horse Safety
  • Accident Management
  • Site Safety
  • Continuing Education
  • Equipment and Tack Safety
  • Guest Orientation
  • Certification

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, that’s okay. Leah Bright of LRHI has access to guides and forms that help walk you through various methods of risk mitigation, including:

  • Horse Safety for the Trail
  • Incident Reporting Forms
  • Wildfire Mitigation Information
  • Tree Maintenance Documentation Procedures
  • Horse Equipment Documentation Procedures

As dude ranch insurance professionals, we strive to know you and your worries. Leah Bright and Damian Petty spend time listening and learning so they can help you find solutions and better serve you.

You’ve worked hard to build your dude ranch. The next step is to protect it. We’ll assess your risks and help you tailor an insurance policy.

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