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You’re in the business of scaring others, but what keeps you up at night?

Considering the business you’re in, it’s probably a very short list. But if your business insurance has ever crept onto that list, you’re with the wrong broker.

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What You Need to Know About Haunted Attraction Insurance


Avoiding Haunted House Risks and Hazards is Top Priority

Safety is a top priority for haunted house maintenance teams. A well-planned haunted house should create the illusion of danger without posing any real harm or threats to safety. To mitigate risk, haunted attractions will carry appropriate insurance and safety equipment. They’ll also maintain a maximum capacity limit to keep people safe and moving smoothly through the haunt.

Still, haunted house facilities are not immune to potential hazards and threats. Here are five physical risks that haunted house owners and operators must be aware of at all times.

Tripping and Slipping Hazards: A bad injury from a haunted house can deter business, or worse, lead to an injury-related lawsuit. Maintenance must remove any loose cords from walkways, lay appropriate flooring and provide mats in slippery areas.

Flammable Decorations: Smoke and flames in a haunted house could spell disaster. Maintenance personnel must ensure that props, equipment and decorations are kept clear of fire hazards. Fire extinguishers and alarms also must be properly mounted and visible.

Walkway Obstructions: Haunted houses utilize pillars and obstacles to keep visitors engaged and on-edge. However, obstructions mustn’t block exits and escape routes in case of an emergency. Maintenance personnel must frequently review egress plans to ensure guest safety.

Bodily Injuries: Haunted attractions are full of props and hardware that could cause injury to occupants. Paired with a dark environment, these hazards can cause guests to misstep, stumble or fall. Maintenance personnel must search for nails, screws or equipment that could snag on a person or cause injury. Walls must be reinforced so they won’t break or fall if people run into them.

Indoor Air Quality: Faux fog and compressed air are great for creating a frightening atmosphere, but machines can also raise carbon monoxide levels in enclosed spaces. As a result, maintenance personnel must ensure that air is properly filtered in the attraction to keep it safe for breathing.

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