Snowmobile Insurance for Rentals and Guided Tours
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Secure Your Business Against the Unexpected

Despite your best efforts to prioritize safety and maintain equipment, accidents can still happen in the world of snowmobile rentals and guided tours. When they do, the threat of lawsuits and liability claims can loom large.

Snowmobile Insurance for Rentals and Guided Tours

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What You Need to Know About Snowmobile Insurance for Rentals and Guided Tours

Protect Against the Unexpected

Accidents can happen despite your best efforts to maintain equipment, train your employees, and emphasize safety with your rental customers. And when things go wrong, you could easily end up as the victim of a lawsuit.

You can protect against these risks by inspecting all equipment, ensuring your snowmobile guides have proper instruction and certification, having a comprehensive safety program in place, and carefully instructing your riders and drivers. Having the right insurance is also key for protecting your business.


Having the right snowmobile insurance coverage for your business

Even if your guests have signed a waiver, you are still at risk of a lawsuit or liability claim if something goes wrong on your guided tours and/or excursions. We provide coverage solutions for a variety of exposures faced by off-roading, including:

  • Equipment rentals
  • Office / facility for rental purchases and instruction
  • Equipment storage areas
  • Tours and guiding
  • Camping

Coverage Options

We can tailor a policy to fit the unique needs of your business; here are the types of coverage you’ll want to consider:

Collision protection—This is the most important insurance component. Snowmobiling off-road means your guests will be at risk of hitting rocks, trees, fences, and other debris. Get a policy that covers off-road collision damage to your unit.

Bodily injury protection—The same can be said for bodily injury. Snowmobiling off-road can be risky, so have a policy in place that prevents you from being liable should a guide, passenger, or bystander be injured from off-road driving.

Property damage—Property damage is also a major risk of off-road snowmobiling. Have coverage that will handle the costs if you damage someone’s land, vehicle, or other property.

Other coverage options include the following:

  • Renters liability
  • Commercial general liability
  • Personal liability
  • Commercial automobile
  • Fleet insurance
  • Commercial property
  • Guest property
  • Accident
  • Business interruption / extra expense
  • Crisis response
  • Employment practices liability
  • Employee dishonesty
  • Cyber liability
  • Theft
  • Umbrella
  • Workers compensation

Offering the safest off-roading options will help to keep your rates as affordable as possible.

Other factors that influence the cost of insurance include:

Getting around on a snowmobile combines sport and adventure. Finding the right combination of off-road insurance coverage for your business is key.

Getting the right coverage with Leavitt Recreation & Hospitality is just a form fill or call away. Let me work up a plan for you and the difference will be clear. I look forward to earning your business and your trust. Contact me today!

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