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Why Leavitt Group is One of the Best Kept Insurance Secrets For Individuals and Families

Quite simply, as independent agents, we are able to bring you more choice and unbiased advice. Our network of personal insurance agents are in your communities and value the kind of client relationship, service, and consultative approach that is often lost with direct online purchases, or when you are limited by the products of only one insurance company. We want our clients to have the same convenient ways to handle their insurance--whether it starts with a comparison quote online, a phone call, or a visit from one of our agents. We then add a critical step in the process, which is that we consult with you to make sure the coverage, product, and insurance company is right for your needs.

The result is truly better insurance.

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Ashley Heidrich

Ashley Heidrich

Executive Account Manager/Personal Lines Agent, CISR
Phone: 800-525-2060 ext. 4344
Fax: 866-241-4657

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