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Because RVing is the ultimate American pastime, we believe you should trust an insurance carrier with a history that spans almost as long as the pastime. That’s why The Leavitt Insurance Group has teamed up with one of the leading RV insurance carriers, National General Insurance, to bring you The Leavitt RV Insurance Program.

We recognize that your recreational vehicle is a combination of your home and auto, which presents unique risks. In fact, many people think their homeowner’s policy will provide the protection they need for their RVing lifestyle, but it simply isn’t enough – And the Leavitt Insurance Program excels at providing the unique coverages that RVs require. We’re talking things that RVers should be able to depend on like Full Replacement Cost Coverage and Permanent Attachments Coverage. We know that your home is literally on the road, and we want you to have complete peace of mind whether you’re cruising the country or you’ve put your RV in park.

Features and Benefits

The Leavitt RV Insurance Program offers a comprehensive range of coverage options for RVers like:

  • Full-Timer Coverage—Your RV serves as your primary residence and your insurance should reflect that. Leavitt RV Insurance focuses on full-timer coverage.
  • Optional Full Replacement Cost Coverage—Provides a comparable new RV if yours is totaled or stolen, which protects you from depreciation and could save you thousands!
  • Personal Belongings Coverage—Pays for full replacement cost up to $3,000 at no additional charge. You can even add additional coverage if needed!
  • An Emergency Expense Allowance—Covers the cost of hotels and transportation due to a covered claim.
  • Vacation Liability—Takes care of expenses for property damages or bodily injury if someone is injured in or around your parked RV.
  • Diminishing Deductible—Earn 25% off your deductible every year – up to 100%! That means you could essentially have no deductible in some cases!
  • Hitch Coverage—Your entire hitch assembly is covered at replacement cost, including the part that attaches to your truck or tow vehicle!
  • Storage Option—Save money by suspending coverages you don’t need when your RV isn’t being used. And you’ll still be fully protected against things like fire, storms, and theft. Suspending your policy could save you up to $400!

The Leavitt RV Insurance Program is powered by National General Insurance, a multi-carrier agency that focuses on offering customers the best rates for every budget from the best carriers on the market.

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